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Why do doctors have messy handwriting?

I was wondering because when i go to the doctor and i get a prescription i do not understand the penmanship.

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  • kyle d
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    That mainly comes from having too many things to write and so little time to do it. Eventually you just stop caring.

    At least that's my story.

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  • Ruth
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    The joke that follows this question is because if they were ever involved in a lawsuit, they can say what they wrote vs. being able to read what the wrote. Med School is quite stressful and they are overwhelmed so they are always rushed and can't take the time to be aware of their penmanship. But, after awhile, us Nurses are able to figure out what they write. You get used to their writing.

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    Most likely because medical students take lots of notes in class. They get a lot of information in a big hurry and have to write fast. They get into the habit of writing fast and it never leaves them. Also, on a prescritption, they use Latin abbreviations which the pharmacist understands but most people don't. For instance, t.i.d means ter in die, or "three times a day". PRN means pro re nata, or "as needed".

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    Of course !ask from the doctor to overwritte the prescription or ... don't do anything of them and give the prescription to the drug store !

    They understand exactly what doctor means

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    You have a professional right to demand clear instructions on your script. Tell your doctor to rewrite it so that you can read it. It is your life they are playing with, and you should not have to trust your chemist to guess the scrawl. They are paid enough to provide a little formality in their profession.

    Also ask your doctor to print out their notes on your visit for your records. If they are poor, tell them to pick up their act, so the next doc to read your records, can see a decent history, and not have to start from scratch learning your history from you again, because they only put one word in the file.

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    Penmanship.....This is an area entirely neglected in med school and there might be a research PhD. for some aspiring researcher in this question.Nice question and G.P.s' pay heed (if you have time to...)

  • mmrn
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    Most every physician I know has poor handwriting. I think it is because they have to write so much on various patients charts and do so quickly, the handwriting suffers. It sure makes it hard for us nurses !

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    In clinical college they had to take a large style of notes, which made them take shortcuts with their handwriting and it basically have been given messier and messier. in addition they manage quite some persons on a daily basis and for all and sundry they might desire to make written notes and doubtless write a prescription or referral or 2. it relatively is a extensive situation. some human beings die or are injured whilst they get the incorrect prescriptions. Many hospitals and docs workplaces are going to automated clinical records to steer clear of blunders with docs handwritten records and orders. My docs have a nifty prompt equipment the place they form regardless of they % right into a pc that they carry about around with them from affected person to affected person and all of it prints out on the right types for their signatures. tell your well-being practitioner the tale approximately his handwriting and doubtless he would be chagrined sufficient to jot down legiblely for the subsequent affected person.

  • Gayle
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    1 decade ago

    And you never will, so don't even try! lol. In med school, the stress and pressure are enormous. In an effort to get papers written and turned it on time and tests completed quickly, would-be Doctors learn to scribble to save time. This becomes such a habit so when they finally become full fledged Physicians, their writing habits are already ingrained. It's impossible to correct it. Thank God Pharmacists can understand their scribblings, but don't ask me how!

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    Maybe because they're real busy and that makes them in a hurry. So, whenever they write prescriptions, they always do in a hurried manner making it impossible for us to decipher their writings.

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