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Is there a website w/ online free videos of the basic guidelines of how to play different sports or any other?

websites, book, or good videos w/instructions? I'm wanting to learn the basics in a short amount of time. I wish that there was a "how to play all sports for dummies" book that I could check out from the library. Lol.

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    Well for starters the IOC SPORTS website is a good basic start to understanding over 28 Summer Sports and a bunch of winter sports, They don't have American Football or other non Olympic sports. It does include such sports as soccer,volleyball,tennis,hockey,softball, water polo, badminton among many others.

    Just click on the sport you want and they even have a flash animation that quickly explains the rules of the game and how it's played.

    Here are the Winter Sports

    Finally BBC sports has video demonstrations and descriptions of the rules on how different sports are played.

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