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Is a prepaid cell phone different from a regular cell phone?

I'm asking about the actual phone, not just the plan, although if you know a good plan, I'd like to hear about it. Total Call International has a great plan for me but they don't sell their phones up here in New England . Can I buy any phone?

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    1 decade ago
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    yes the phones are different the phone plan is the phone brand. but if you are thinking about getting a prepaid phone i suggest page plus u can get the best amount of minutes or the plan metropcs they are the best i have page plus and they've only done good. and i had metropcs but i had to switch but not for a bad reason

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    It depends on the provider. Some of them may put in some extra software to make it integrated into the prepaid service. Others may integrate the SIM card so that you cannot change it.

    However, other than the software differences, a prepaid phone is as much as a cell phone as a postpaid one. It's the billing that counts.

  • debbra
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    4 years ago

    prepaid cellular telephones advise basically that. you are not getting a bill, in view which you pay previous to time. you basically pay for what you utilize. there is not any contract, no handle required, no no longer something. i take advantage of virgin cellular. pass to purpose, purchase a telephone, purchase an airtime card. turn on it the two online or over the telephone.. They ask you to flow into the ESN, press various keys, and so on. You pay approximately 25 cents a minute for first 10 minutes an afternoon, then 10 cents after that (i think of). you verify your stability with the "$" key. once you prefer extra time, purchase yet another airtime card. $20 gets you a minimum of a hundred minutes. You pass into the menus on the telephone, enter interior the secret code on the airtime card, and presto, the money exhibits on your account. They require you to do a minimum of $20 each and every 3 months. My cellular telephone value in line with month has long gone from over $50 with sprint to approximately $5 or $10 a month with virgin cellular.

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    if they're on a gsm network (they use a sim card), any unlocked phone would work with it

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