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The movie Sicko; No Universal Health care Scandal? [Every American should read]?

The movie Sicko is a well documented movie that talks about how US AMERICANS don't have a universal Health Care and that our Health care and Insurance is corrupted by greedy politicians and businessmen.


Some Key things in the movie


- A lot of insurance agencies rip u off and keep their money

- Doctors gets bonus pays to the most people they've denied health care

- We make fun of Canadians, Cubans, Brits, and mainly Frenches but they have the BEST HEALTH CARE.

- Socialist party is good in healthcare. The media here makes it look like Sickel and Axe communist omg party

- .05 for the SAME medicne compare 20-30 buck in US.

- Al Qaeda prisoners have the best Health Care in the US.

- Patients pay ZERO! money in hospitals.

Most of my family members ARE Doctors. After chit chat, they agree how the system is corrupted

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    The movie is not "well documented." It is inacurrately documented. He states that cuba pays $25 per capita on helath care when the actual number is more like $225 per capita. He is a true spin doctor, twisting facts & figures to make them say what he wants them to say, instead of what they really show.

    "A lot of insurance agencies rip u off and keep their money"

    "Doctors gets bonus pays to the most people they've denied health care"

    - and you don't think there is corruption in socialistic systems?

    "We make fun of Canadians, Cubans, Brits, and mainly Frenches but they have the BEST HEALTH CARE"

    - but the Canadians, Cubans, Brits, and Frenches come to America when they get really ill.

    "Socialist party is good in healthcare. The media here makes it look like Sickel and Axe communist omg party"

    - no response because I don't know what they heck you were trying to say!

    ".05 for the SAME medicine compare 20-30 buck in US."

    - only because they already paid for much of the medicine through taxes.

    "Al Qaeda prisoners have the best Health Care in the US"

    - I doubt it. They probably get no better than the poorest Americans who get medicaid or medicare.

    "Patients pay ZERO! money in hospitals"

    - because they already had their money taken from them at tax time!

    I bet your family members who are doctors don't agree that socialized healthcare is the fix for our corrupt system.

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    Firstly, free healthcare - we should get that in the UK, would solve a multitude of problems! However we have a system where healthcare is indirectly charged to tax payers. I live in the Uk. I am fed up paying higher rate tax to support people that have put nothing into the system. The NHS was instituted to keep workers healthy and working - not as a free for all for every lazy bum that hasn't got a job. I understand that there are some people who do not fit in either category - but in every system some people lose out - here in the UK it's the mugs that go to work! Charles Darwin - Uk government have never heard of him!

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    Well documented, eh? So some 45 million Americans don't have health insurance. Nevermind the fact that a large percentage of those are young people who CHOOSE, yes CHOOSE not to have health insurance even though they CAN afford it. Ignore the people who have the income but opt out. They just choose, once again to drive better cars, etc. and save the money they would be spending on healthcare. Another appx. 14% of those ARE eligible for Medicare but do not apply. After all of this is calculated in, about 8 million Americans do not have access to healthcare. Not saying our system doesn't need changes but if you honestly think that universalized healthcare is the way to go, you need to research it a little bit more. Just because it looks good on paper does not mean anything. Stating that the these other countries have the best healthcare is absurd. If that's so, why do people from all around the globe come here to get treatment. Example: Italian PM. Please, go and actually read about it.

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    Patients pay ZERO money in hospital? Does that mean the doctors work for free? Does that mean the supplies are donated by the companies. Does the movie delve into who is stuck with the financial burden? I'm not interested if it entails taking %50+ of my money. I'm also not interested if it is paid for by the tax of the richest 10-15%.

    Since you have family in the medical profession - ask them about the deirect impact Canada's pharmeceutical price caps have on the hiked up prices Americans pay for the same drugs. The companies have to make up the difference somewhere...

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    of course the system is corrupted , that is common knowledge and needs to be fixed . Does this mean I should have to pay for your health care? of course not

    "We make fun of Canadians, Cubans, Brits, and mainly Frenches but they have the BEST HEALTH CARE"

    that is incorrect , capitolism created the best health care on earth , this is why many flock to the US to get compicated surgeries done . It is a get what you paid for type of thing

    also look at canadians taxes and tell me that is a better idea .

    the problem is Michael Moore hates America because we are not socialist , we do not believe in it . We believe in the American dream of unlimited oppurtunity and self responsibility , not free , free , free!!!

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    I cant believe some answers!

    People should be concerned that there are people all over the world not getting health care. If we had socialized medicine we would be paying taxes, but it is for the greater good. We shouldn't give better health resources to those that make better money. Um regardless of previous health conditions, you should be able to get insurance with rates that aren't threw the roof! Health care shouldn't be a political issue!

    As a person who cares about humankind's general welfare, I would gladly pay taxes to insure that every person gets equal health care and doesn't get turned away just because they cant afford insurance, or cause their insurance company doesn't provide coverage at that particular hospital, or they can't allow certain tests because its experimental treatment.

    Whats wrong with helping out people as a whole? Are we so greedy that we don't want to pay a flat rate for taxes just because you aren't just looking out for yourself? Its so primitive to be thinking along the lines, survival of the fittest or in the American case: wealthiest!

    I have to stop, otherwise I will go on forever...

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    I have known this for 20 years. Not much new about Corporate greed. Corporations have no conscience. Sorry to say Doctors go along with the greed. I had the same Doctor for twenty years and he was very honest with me. He told me long ago the system is fixed to steal from those that can and do pay.. He was a Republican.

    I would like to see the 46 million now with no health Insurance buy into Medicare for a reasonable fee. Medicare works really well, they cap fees. This is why Doctors and Hospitals hate Government Medicare, they want to be free to steal. Hillary tried to get this point out and she was demonized to the tune of $400 million in TV adds by the Health Care industry..

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    The story attached to your link is more propaganda. Moore didn't go to communist Cuba, he went to Gitmo with first responders from 9/11 who have health problems they can't afford. The detainees in Gitmo are receiving free health care from our government so Moore wanted to know if they would take care of the first responders for free also, they wouldn't. How can we call ourselves the greatest country on earth and let millions of our citizens go without health care?

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  • Ken C
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    Moore points out some good things.

    It's when I hear folks pay "ZERO money in Hospitals" is when I get flabbergasted.

    How can you say "Free" when according to Hillary it would call for a 10% tax?

    The Average American can get a top notch Health Care Plan for less than the cost of the tax.....

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    Americans feel guilty if they get free services from Government....

    They rather pay money to Uncle Sam, IRS, $1000 a year to Health Insurance every year... pay high house notes, and other expenses...

    They think it is okay for CEOs of Health Insurance companies to become the world richest people....

    Americans think it is okay for Health Insurance to pay us

    1/4 of the medical bills while they have to pay 75% out of their own pockets.

    Americans think it is okay to walk around with yellow rotten teeth.

    Americans think it is okay to send BILLION of dollars to Iraq war... oh yeah... they don't mind...


    And and... um... Americans rather wait til they are over the age 65 to get free denture, medicare, and social security benefit... and retirement checks and get abused by

    Senior Citizen Caretakers...


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