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I have an autographed Dale Jarrett Batman Car, and I was wondering how much it may be worth?

1:24-scale, 50th Anniversary, Made by the ACTION Company, opened only two or three times, personally saw him sign it, and says it is officially licensed by NASCAR.

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    It is worth what ever some one is willing to pay. With out a Certificate of Authenticity from a reputable authentication firm it is probably worth more to you than any one else. Last year I bought an autographed #8 on e-bay. It had a coa and everything. The authenticator turned out to not be reputable so in turn the car is worth about $20, just slightly higher than original purchase price. Good luck though you might get lucky.

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    $ 100

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    It is probably around a $100

    You could check to see if Beckett has any information on this.

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    Source(s): Jimmie Johnson Rules !!!!!!
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    not much.

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