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Venus Williams Vs. Maria Sharapova?

Who you supporting and why?

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    I am supporting Venus Williams. I think that she is a breath of fresh air as a tennis player. In addition to being a really great competitor, she is skilled beyond and other female player on the circuit. I was watching her acceptance speech when she was selected as one of the women of the year by Glamour magazine and I realized why she has had in rough over the last several years. Her self confidence waned and she began to lose. However, it apppears that she is looking inside for validation as a champion and that will carry her through her match with Sharapova. Sharapova is a really good contender but Venus has what it take to upset the field again and she will. Go Venus! ☻

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    Venus time have past. She is no longer at her prime. She should retired. It took her 3 sets to beat a low ranking Japanese player. Maria will beat her.

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    You may search for it in Google Video or YouTube, but I won't say it was interesting; Venus won pretty easily 7-6 6-1. I would rather see the thrilling final!!

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    Venus will win. Grass is her arena and sharapova is not mentally strong for this.

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    ONLY THE ONLY MARIA..................

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