Rhianna and Ciara are NOTHING against Beyonce, Amerie, Ashanti, Alicia Keys?

What does everyone think. Ciara thinks shes a black female Elvis with that stupid sneer of hers and Rhianna has flared nostrils that Kunte Kinte would have been proud of.

When will these fly by nights just piss of and accept American girls are better in every way.

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  • Brit B
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago
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    Your comments are pretty funny, but I was pretty sure that Ciara was American too...I don't know...but I must agree that those two got nothing on the other 4 you mentioned...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well let me say this!!Rhianna and Ciara look just as good as the others!! the only thing that Beyonce has over them is a lil more beauty,popular,cause in reality she is an entertainer as well!!Alicia Keys is a better singer!! people have forgoten about real true talent!! its all about shaking that butt,dancing,doing commercials,and etc.,i believe that Alicia is the most talented out of all these ladies...but saying that Rhianna and Ciara are nothing,come on,they both are entertainers and look great!!!Ashanti doesn't have great vocal power,Amerie,her beauty is extremely fine,

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