Nvidia error?

Im having some trouble here. My computer crashed after playing a 3D game called ROBLOX, and when it came back on, it said it has a seriois error. I wanted to fix this, so I sent an error report. It said my Nvidia had an error, and it had no answer for what happened. It suggested i get the latest update. When I downloaded it, It said I had no Nvidia software on my computer. Whats up?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    What you got was a standard "cook book" response to a graphics card glitch. If your game works okay when you restart, then just forget it. If you really lost your Nvidia software, it would be a good idea to contact Nvidia via their website.

  • Joe L
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    1 decade ago

    Graphics card problem. If your computer is displaying your games properly right now, then don't worry about it. Windows likes to detect errors and tell you about them.

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