what does Calibration mean ?

when we use it ?and why ?how many points we should use ?

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    Calibration refers to the process of determining the relation between the output (or response) of a measuring instrument and the value of the input quantity or attribute, a measurement standard. In non-specialized use, calibration is often regarded as including the process of adjusting the output or indication on a measurement instrument to agree with value of the applied standard, within a specified accuracy. For example, a thermometer could be calibrated so the error of indication or the correction is determined, and adjusted (e.g. via calibration constants) so that it shows the true temperature in Celsius at specific points on the scale. Calibration also can refer to judgments made by a prognosticator, for example, a weather-forecaster who states that "there is an 80% chance of rain today," if properly calibrated, will say this on precisely 80% of the days during which it rains.

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    I have been in the calibration field for 22 years. Most of the answers are pretty good but I want to add something. Calibration does not require adjustment. Some of the answers refer to calibration as an adjustment this is not the case. Sometimes while in the course of completing a calibration you need to make an adjustment to bring an instrument back into specification. However it is not required if the instrument reads correctly. For example a 0-100 PSI pressure gauge is due for calibration you check it at 5 points (we do anyway) 20-40-60-80-100 as long as it is within the specification of =/-1% (1 PSI ) of full scale then no adjustment is necessary and the instrument has been calibrated.

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    What Does Calibration Mean

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    I have been in the calibration field for over a decade and most of the answers to this question are pretty accurate but one point I wanted to make is that calibration is a process of checking the instrument for accuracy to see if it's within tolerance. If it's within tolerance, great. If not, you will need to adjust it, aka calibrate it.

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    Calibration means to check the accuracy of a measurement instrument and modify the instrumentation according to standard calibration samples. For example, to calibrate a pH meter, you would measure two to three standard pH samples across a range. If you are measuring a sample known to be pH 4.0 and the meter (inaccurately) reads pH 3.8, you'd adjust the pH meter so that it reads pH 4.0. Thus, the pH meter is now correctly calibrated around at least this point. getting two to three samples will allow calibration over a broader range.

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    Calibration is the determination of accuracy of a measurement. We use it when we need to know to what accuracy a measuring instrument measures because most measurements are never exact - most measurements can only be made to some tolerance.

    The number of points used varies widely, depending on the instrument. A standard, such as a reference yardstick, may need only one point. A voltage meter may need at least two per range, and perhaps 10 or more. We should use as many points as necessary to impart confidence in the measured value.

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    Calibration is a way on tweeking our measuring devices to read more accurately and precisely. We calibrate devices on regular intervals, usually mandated by federal, state or even company policies. Any device is rendered relatively useless if the reading is incorrect and could potentially be dangerous.

    As far as your last question, I don't understand what you're asking.

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    "zeroing" an instrument is referred to as calibration but really it is just "zeroing" it or adjusting its reading precision to a prescribed standard. Nonetheless, calibrating an analytical or numerical model is something quite different than the aforementioned use of the term calibration.

    Can someone please address the calibration of a model instead of instruments?

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    what does Calibration mean ?

    when we use it ?and why ?how many points we should use ?

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    calibration is to make something more precise or accurate, i think. At least thats what palm pilots do. To calibrate a palm is to redigitize your stylus so that it taps more accurately.

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