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im a new yorker but i i think SLIGHT southern accents like matthew mccaughys are sexy

so im picking texas.. not the DEEP ones but the slight ones no hicks lol ..and maybe lousiania


OK AND WHO HAS THE WORSE i say WISCONSIN ugh that is the most annoying sound nex t to a really thick "guido" type new york accent.. i cant stand those either mines slight

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    Maybe I'm a bit biased, but I'll say Virginia or Georgia. Think slight, high class Southern, like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind.

    Most annoying: Boston, Massachusettes, no contest!

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    The Minnesota / Wisconsin is not good.

    I have to go with the good 'ole Georgia peach! I've never been there, but I juts have a funny suspicion that there are a ton of hot southern belles in Georgia!

    Yummy - I like Peaches too!

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    I think all southern accents have a soft sexy sound to them. Most of us are picked on for our accents but we should be proud of them. I would chose Alabama. I grew up in the South and moved to New England, where they sat me down and told me to talk - they loved it!

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    i like a Southern accessory, exceedingly while it relatively is a guy conversing. like it like it like it i'm no longer too keen on the Boston accessory for some reason. I stay in Michigan (decrease Peninsula) and we've not got an accessory. :) (those interior the better Peninsula do yet they sound greater like those human beings from Wisconsin)

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    As an English guy, I would love to hook up with African American ladies possessing genuine deep south accents

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    I agree with you on this. Texas, definitely. I have friends in Austin, Waco and Ft. Worth and I love all of their accents. My friend in Waco has a really deep voice and it's sexy! But then I have a friend in S. Carolina, and he uses expressions like, "Sweet Gina!" "Goodness Gracious" - they crack me up.)

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    I'm from new orleans and we don't have southern accents we have cajun accents so I'm gotta represent and say Louisiana

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