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how will attack Iran first the u.s. or Israel..?

if iran get thare hands on nuker weapons i dont think israel well wait long to strike...

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    Israel has pledged that it will not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the region -- I think you can bank on that for the following reason: Israel already has a -- ahem -- legitimacy problem 60 years after its establishment, and its not going to be the first country in 60 years to use nuclear weapons with that kind of tension hanging over it. At the same time, I pity the Iranian fool who thinks that Israel can't respond to a nuclear attack; only one country has advocated support fort he destruction of the other -- and it hasn't been Israel!

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    If Israel strikes Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, which are backed by Iran, will both attack Israel. Therefore, the U.S. will have to do it before things really get out of hand.

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    both sides have a lot of allies, and it could easily boil over into WWIII. I think a nuclear capable Iran shouldn't be tolerated, but Israel needs to knock off some of their antics too. You can only swat the hornet nest for so long before you get stung.

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    Neither. The U.S.A. and Israel will attack Iran before Iran attacks us or Israel.

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    Iran is all talk, they do not want to be the ones who start WW3

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    me... lol

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