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My car stalls when i press on the gas pedal.?

I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire, 2.2 L SE. The car will idol for a wile but as soon as i press on the gas pedal it stalls. If i tap it real fast sometimes i can get the engine to rev. higher. I have just replaced the air filter. I replaced the spark plugs about a 2000 miles ago. I never replaced the plug wires. I also replaced the Throttle positioning sensor a couple thousand miles ago. Please help me with my problem.

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    2 things, check the air flow mass, and the fuel pump.

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    RAFEAL read carefully I am a TOTAL audi nutcase! Your FOOT only adds more AIR tot he negine nad has NTOHING to =do with gas at all! Consider it to be the 'AIR" pedal and not the "GAS" pedal! this is NTO an egngine with a CARBURETOR! ALLAUDI engiens require SPECAIL engein oil that is 100% synthetic ONLY! There are NO substitues,. This means NO VALVOLINE evver and the words ?vw-aud spec numbers 502/505"MUST appear on the OIL label or you WILL HAVE EXPENSVIE trouble on down the road! This means MOBIL ONE 0W-40, AMSOIL, or PENNZOIL ULTRA EUROPEAN oil! ULTRA gives you a 15 year, 500k mile WARRANTY against oil related woes, including GASKET and SEAL leaks and TURBO expenses! AMSOIL is good for 25k between changing. <<<TAKE $20-30>> to any OIL CHANGE center and have them clean the THROTTLE BODY and the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE! Teh IAC adds MROE air under directions fromt eh o2 sensors! if yo LEARN where the IAC vavle is and KEEP IT CLEAN you wil lNEVER have EXhAUST or CONVERTER issues EVER! BAD oil wil RUIN that engien in a few short years. GET A FULL MOTOR FLUSHING and hten use the PROEPR engienoil! It is ALWAYS the OIL choices that ruin an AUDI engine or the use of IMPRoper COOLANTS like PRESTONE! This is NOT a CAVALIER or LUMINA here! DO NO TRISK RUING your negine and CONVERTER by NOT caring for this issue NOW! AMSOIL POWER FAOM can be your BEST friend!If you have ANY question please E-mail ME! I have AUDI cars running around out there with 350k Trouble FREE miles, excpet for TIRES brake pads and TIMING BELT kit! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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    I'd check for a poor connection in the low voltage ignition wiring. Could be current flows fine until you touch throttle calling for more current flow thus connection fails.

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    Plug wires and battery check. Sounds like something in the timing is missing, it's idling but stalling.

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    have a friend spray some starting fluid in the intake while you try to press down on the gas... if it revvs then its a fuel problem... if it doesnt its an electrical problem

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    I had this problem once, and it turns out that the wrong sized spark plugs were put in.

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    Fuel injectors.

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    Fuel filter.

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    have you had the fuel injectors checked?

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