In livermore,ca, the hillsides are covered with windmills. does anyone know how many and what are thay there 4

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    It's the Altamont Pass Wind Farm and they're there to generate electricity.

    The turbines are scattered all over the hilltops in the area, and there are only a few hundred visable from Highway 580. There are almost 1,000 of them in the area, although most aren't visable from the road. My ex-husband worked on the project years ago, and my kids still like to point out the ones "that daddy made"

    There are 7 different types, and there are some great photos and lots of information at :

    10 MW Altamont Wind Project, California

    The Altamont wind project, located in the Altamont Pass wind resource area, near Livermore, California, consist of 100 Kenetech KCS56 100 kW wind turbines, totaling 10,000 kilowatts. This project operates under a 30 year power purchase agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric Company. We own and operate this project.

    Environmental Attributes. A wind project is a clean, non-polluting (i.e., no emissions) renewable energy project. The environmental attributes and air emissions savings benefits of the Altamont wind project are as follows (all values approximate):

    1. equivalent reduced natural gas consumption of 55 million cubic feet per year; or

    2. reduces equivalent coal consumption and mining of 2,000 tons per year; or

    3. reduces equivalent savings of imported oil consumption of 10,000 barrels per year; and

    4. reduced water pollution/consumption of 4 million gallons per year.

  • they are new technology for electricity there are usually average on about 126

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