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pc sim city 3000 help????

please tell some cheats dont tell websites and how to repair the roads whenever i plant electric wires for industries etc. it always shows no electric supply the same thing is for water supply i cant understand a thing inthe game plzzz help me??????????

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    Heres a site that has all known cheats here are all of the cheats

    Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift]

    + C while in the simulator. A prompt box with a flashing

    cursor will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Type

    one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate

    the corresponding cheat function.


    $250,000 donation offer from Vinnie call cousin vinnie

    All items are free1 i am weak

    Change the sea to fresh water salt off

    Change the sea to salt water salt on

    Construction costs set to $0 i am weak

    Create flock of seagulls the birds

    Load grayscale picture as terrain load terrain

    Clear city while keeping money load terrain c:

    Lowers the terrain by one terrain one down

    Lowers the terrain by ten terrain ten down

    Raises the terrain by one terrain one up

    Raises the terrain by ten terrain ten up

    Reduced pollution and traffic traffic lights

    Set "Disaster" to "UFO" for unlimited UFOs

    ufo swarm

    SimCastle construction, if Vinnie's offer was activated and then declined


    "Sorry, Money Doesn't Grow On Broccoli" message


    "Aha! We Have A Real Pro Here! Try BROCCOLI" message


    "Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da BAT-man!" message


    "If You Build It, They Will Come" message


    "The Llama Is A Quadruped" message


    "Duo Ragazzi's Easter Egg Palace: Old World Charm In A Post Modern Setting" message

    easter egg

    "If You Lived Here, You'd Be A Sim" message


    "Dozens Of Hidden News Ticker Reveals; Sims Encouraged To Collect Them All And Amaze Friends" message


    "What Will He Think Of Next?" message

    will wright

    "Investment Tip: Buy Low, Sell High" message


    "Not Just Sports Games Anymore" message

    electronic arts

    " Picayune: The Finest In Scrolling Entertainment" message


    "Money Does NOT Grow On Trees, Study Concludes" message


    "Keep Trying And Maybe You'll Figure It Out" message


    Display message on ticker simon says

    "Greetings Mayor, Your Sims Salute You" message


    "Mayor brings To News Ticker Highlight" message


    "Mayor Suspected Of Attempting Embezzlement; Ends In Failure" message


    "Secret Number Combination Causes Announcement In News Ticker" message


    "Did you know that MAXIS spelled backwards is SIX AM?" message


    "MOREMONEY Not Cheat Code, Research Concludes" message


    "Mayor Under Investigation For Possible Embezzlement" message


    "FUND Not A Cheat Code, Do Not Type MOREMONEY, It Is Not A Cheat Code Either" message


    All extra rewards pay tribute to your king

    All power plants power to the masses

    All water plants water in the desert

    Description of City Hall set to "Miles and Miles of Red Tape"; date set to the year 1900

    i love red tape

    High tech industries nerdz rool

    Recycling plant, waste to energy incinerator and normal incinerator

    garbage in, garbage out

    Stops advice stop forcing advice

    Mortimer will say the indicated phrase.

    force mortimer to say

    Moe will say the indicated phrase. force moe to say

    Constance will say the indicated phrase.

    force constance to say

    Marla will say the indicated phrase. force maria to say

    Randall will say the indicated phrase.

    force randall to say

    Gus will say the indicated phrase. force gus to say

    Karen will say the indicated phrase. force karen to say

    The petitioners will say the indicated phrase.

    force petitioners to say

    If you have connections to your neighbors, they will start trying to make deals

    let's make a deal

    All landmark buildings:

    Open the power plant window, then click on the "X"

    in the upper right corner of the window to close it. Open the

    rewards and opportunities window, then close it in the same manner.

    Open the garbage disposal window, then close it in the same manner.

    Open the landmarks window to find all buildings available.

    Everything for free:

    To get everything for free including abandoned items,

    enter the "Powerplants" screen, then exit by clicking

    the "X". Then, go to the "Rewards" screen,

    and exit. Then go to "Garbage/Incenerators", and once

    again exit. Finally, go to the "Landmarks" screen. It

    should show everything listed from the game, including rewards,

    landmarks, farms, and airports except the things underground.

    SimCity 2000 music:

    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file;

    create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text

    editor to edit the "audio.ini" file in the "/game/res/sound"

    sub-directory in the game directory. Locate the "SimCity

    200 Theme" line in the file. Change the numbers that follow

    that entry from "0,0,0,1" to "0,1,0,1". The

    music from SimCity 2000 will now accessible during the game from

    the preferences screen.

    Hint: SimCastle meanings:

    The following information is for the SimCastle's information


    Crowns a Glistening: How happy your Sims are with your city (lower

    the better).

    Heads A Rolling: Crime level in your town (lower the better).

    Knights A Neighing: Flammability in your town (lower the better).

    Hint: Import unlimited money:

    Note: SimCity 2000 is required for this trick.

    Create a city within SimCity 2000 using the "More

    money" cheat in that game. After accumulating enough money,

    save and exit the game. Start SimCity 3000, click "Load

    City" and load the recently created SimCity 2000 city.

    You will have the desired terrain with the money.

    Hint: Easy money:

    If your city is going broke or to get quick cash, pause

    game play near the end of the year. Raise taxes for Resident,

    Industry, and Commerce as high as possible. Resume game play,

    and you will get a large increase in money at the end of the game.

    Pause game play again and lower all the taxes to a suitable level.

    Resume the game. Mortimer Green will demand that you lower taxes,

    but then he will notice that they have been decreased and change

    his comment. Note: Sims may complain that taxes are to horrid

    to pay and they will threaten to move out if changes are not made.

    If this happens, click on the "Meet People" button,

    then click on Mortimer's picture. He will give you brief summaries

    on the tax levels, (high, low, or average). Follow Mortimer's

    advice if he recommends lowering or raising them. However, you

    can also listen to your friendly Sims.

    At the main screen, load a city created by the CPU. Metropolis

    is the best for this. Play with it until you get a lot of money.

    Next, pause game play, and destroy the city with demolitions.

    Save with the name you want and start playing. You will start

    with all the inventions, millions in money and a totally empty


    Enable the i am weak code then start demolishing what you


    Hint: Avoid debt:

    Make Residential, Commercial, and Industrial zoning

    eight squares long and at least seven squares wide. This way,

    there will be so much Residential/Industrial/Commercial zoning

    that when they develop, they will be able to cover the expense

    of the road that you will circle around it with.

    Hint: UFO surprise:

    Build a farm in your city, then go to the "Start

    Disasters" option and cause a UFO swarm to appear. Keep the

    emergency siren running until the attack is over, then watch what

    happens. After the UFOs disappear back to space, go back to your

    farm. If you are lucky, you will find a surprise that will make

    you famous.

    Hint: Baseball stadium lettering:

    Inside the baseball stadium the bleachers form symbols

    reading "SC 3K" which stands for "Sim City 3000".

    Hint: Flat terrain without spending money:

    Enter a new city. Enable the i am weak code

    and use the Terrain Ten Down several times until the entire map

    is covered by water. Then, use the Raise Terrain command in an

    square, followed by the Smooth Terrain command to cover all places

    on the map.

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