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How best to inform a short fused, and well armed, Serbian that I wish to date his niece (who’s under his care)

Several years ago, my neighbor moved to this country from Serbia. Recently, his niece, who had been forced to flee into Russia to escape the Muslim terrorists the Clinton administration supported in Serbia, was able to join him and moved into his house.

As a friendly neighbor, I’ve been talking with her and helping her with various things, and we seem to really like one another as more then just neighbors.

Unfortunately, her uncle sees it as his duty to defend her virtue and has informed her that he will “shoot any bustard who attempts to take advantage” of her and, according to her, accentuates this point by waiving around one of his many [semi-automatic] Kalashnikov’s [AK-47 knock offs] (Interestingly, I’m the guy who helped him get a firearms purchasers license and membership in the local gun club).


I was wondering if any of you might have any suggestions regarding how I might inform my neighbor of my intentions in such as manner as to avoid having him start shooting at me.

I’m not particularly interested in getting in a gun battle with a well armed, battle-hardened, Serbian (I’m mentioning that he’s Serbian in case there are any cultural traditions in either Serbian or Slavic culture which dictate the manner in which this issue should be approached) who has years of experience fighting the Muslim aggressors Clinton was supporting in Serbia.

PS. While I admit to having already asked this question in the Family and Relationships section, I only received a single response and was hoping for a little more advice on this important matter.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First to tell you that your question is so funny I smiled like hell when I was reading it. You see every serbian would tell you that they will “shoot any bustard who attempts to take advantage” because it is comon statement of serbians regarding their female familly. I insure you it is only statement he would do it only if you hurt girls feelings. My advice to you is that you explain that you love that girl directly to him that way you will show him that you only have best intentions and he will feel much safer knowing that you asked him. But please dont do enithing stuped with girl because when Serbian say something he will do it so dont only take advantage of girl. Just inform him of your etantions and you will see that everything would be ok. I have problems like you here in serbia all the time. Everything would be ok trust me.


    P.S. if you have any question write to me I will help enythime.

    P.S.2. It would be god if you learn about Serbian culture it will help you a lot, bot with girl and her uncle

    Source(s): 101% Serbian
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  • nutter
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    4 years ago

    You have a quite hard process and I recognize you for caring for your niece. Tell her approximately your revel in. I realize for me, I had intercourse for the primary time at 18. I remorse it. I wasn't competent emotionally and the fellow was once without doubt the fallacious man. I suggestion he was once the finest on the time. He paid awareness to me and made me consider so distinct and it handiest lasted three months. Part of the cause I misplaced my virginity was once seeing that I was once the final of my peers to nonetheless be a virgin. Let her realize approximately the entire illnesses which are in the market. Herpes is one so we can certainly not leave. It will come and cross your complete existence. I can see the way it probably difficult for her to speak to you. You are not that so much older than her. Your extra like a sister than a mother. Do you've any grandparents or your mother round that may speak to her. She could want anybody older. I desire you success.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all you are dealing with culture issues and values. You have to understand her culture to understand where her uncle is coming from. Even though they are in the United States, they still hold fast to their customs, you are not going to sway him so don't try. I think you should move on, because if not you are really asking for trouble, you have helped him in purchasing guns, you don't want one of those used on you :) Find someone else to date she is not worth dying over or endangering your neighborhood.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ask HER out and let her handle it with him.

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