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What is the cheapest way to Tenerife, Spain from the US?

I have a good friends wedding in Tenerife and need a cheap way to get there.

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    normally via the UK as there are loads of cheap flights from the UK to America. Once you get to the UK you can fly with a cheap and cheerful or a British holiday company.

    Try someone like expedia or last minute to search for flights from the US to the UK (remember to check the airline company directly once you have an idea of carrier and price as sometimes it is cheaper to book direct) and then someone like Thomson's or Thomas Cook to get you to Tenerife.

    Obviously the further in advance the better deal you get but to give you an idea next week you can get from JFK to Tenerife south for 1400$ return. The same flight at the end of September comes in at under 1000$

    Good Luck and have a nice time at the wedding.

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    Continental 539; Round trip leaving today $2962.30

    This information is available at:

    Click the flights tab and enter your criteria.

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    well, the cheapest way has to be by getting a job in the kitchen of some merchant or container or general cargo ship, this way you might even get some pocket money.

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    by ship

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