wat do i need 2 improve on?

heres my team

C-johnny estrada-mil

1b- gary sheffield-det

2nd-dan uggla-fla


ss-jose reyes-nym

of- mike cameron-sd

of-bobby abreu-nyy

of-juan pierre-lad

util- frank thomas-tor

util- orlando cabrera-laa

bn- matt stairs-tor

bn-todd helton-col

sp- jake peavy-sd

sp- josh beckett-bos

sp- tim hudson-atl

rp- billy wagner-nym

rp- scot shields-laa

p- jeremy guthrie-bal

p- jason isrinnghausen-stl

p- carlos marmol-chc

bn- oliver perez-nym

bn- shaun marcum-tor

bn- dustin mcgowan-tor

bn- matt guerrier-min

bn- chad durbin -det

i dont get it im in a head-to-head league and im in 6th place, outta 8. i think i got a really good team. help me out here

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To the guy above me... Who would want Juan Pierre for Ordonez or Holliday?

    Anyway i think you need to get some better outfielders yours are horrible, try trading one of your SS for a good outfielder. And you could get an upgrade at catcher but its not as serious as your outfield. Other than that good team

  • 1 decade ago

    your outfield is pretty sketch, i feel you onhaving pierre though, i'm thinking ofpicking him up in mine because the need for speed is always desired. but try to get rid of bobby abreu, he is declining along with the yankees record, mags is a good option if available. hunter pence is a good choice too. maybe trade marcum or mcgowan for an outfield then just drop abreu, thats the one glare i see, otherwise that is a legit playoff team

  • 1 decade ago

    it look to me like you need a batter who its for average. You have alot of speed onthe asepaths so you can trade juan pierre for a magglio ordonez or matt holiday. as far as your pitching goes.. it is amazing! nice drafting:)

  • jss104
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    1 decade ago

    need major of help. rp for saves too

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