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How Do you make time to write a book/novel?

How Do you make time to write a book/novel? I need a time that loops around a 1-5 work plan . Please help.

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    You have to find out how you write.

    Personally, I write the best at night, after everyone's gone to sleep. Most of my writing and editing takes place from midnight to three in the morning.

    I've heard of some serious writers that sat down from 8-5 or whatever and forced themselves to write because, if they force themselves no matter the time, they can do it.

    So once you know what type of a writer you are, them you can try to fit it in. But it all depends.

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    You should have an outline and certain limits within which the characters must remain. It's fun to let a character "go" for a bit just to see where it leads but this can be dangerous in that it leads YOU away from the original intent and you may find yourself outside of your outline. Personally, I often get wrapped up in the story line and find myself either writing or typing super fast to keep the idea live in my mind ... but my plot was weakened and now I will have to go back and clean that section up a bit since the outline was exceeded and some loose bits of data seem to have broken out. What I'm saying here is that you might have to do a re-write of the affected chapter. But yes, ultimately YOU are the one in charge and you have to maintain some regularity or your plot line will suffer. This is just me however, and you have author's privilege when constructing your story, so enjoy your freedom and if you want to let your characters run wild, I see notihng wrong with it, as long as you keep the above observations in mind, IMHO. Good luck ... let us know where the book signings will take place. Peace I AM Dartagnon

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    1. You can sit down and write whenever you have the chance. Some authors choose writing as a career simply because they didn't want a real job.

    2. If you're just starting, you shouldn't do that. You should take a couple hours out of every day to write. No television, no people, nothing to distract you except maybe some music in the background.

    3. Set a goal. 1,000 words everyday the first week. 1,500 everyday the second week. 2,000 every day the third week. 2,500 everyday the fourth week and every week after that.

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    Sorry, but the people who tell you to just sit down and write whenever you have the chance are completely WRONG. You have to treat writing as a job. Set yourself regular "business" hours and stick to them. It is a difficult task when there are things going on in the world you would rather do, but stick to your hours. You will find that writing tends to alienate friends and family. You will have no time for them. You will need to put in hours every day - Sundays and holidays too - if you expect to write a book, sell it and get it promoted. If you just work whenever you have spare time, you will get absolutely nowhere. Hemingway used to literally have his butler lock him in a small building in Key West and leave him locked in there until his writing hours were over. Unless there was a hurricane and the building was in danger of blowing away - there he was. If he was having a particularly hard time focusing, he would have the butler lock this three legged cat he hated in there so he would work faster in order to get out. Seriously. Writing is a profession - not a hobby. Not if you intend to be successful at it.

    If you want to play around with writing, do it whenever. If you want to be an author, keep regular business hours and write like a professional.

    To write a novel, expect to spend about 5 times as much time doing research as you do writing. Expect your first draft to take between 12 - 18 months with many drafts to follow.

    With the time involved - literally thousands of hours - a 75 or 100 thousand dollar advance and a 2.50 per book royalty fee suddenly doesn't sound so great. Figure that adds up to something like a dollar or two an hour for the time and effort you put into the book. Pax -C

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  • What you need to you is essentially up to you, but I would suggest taking a word from the wise, the almighty Stephen King.

    He tells aspiring authors to just take the time to sit down during the day and start writing for about an hour or two. ^_^

    Oh. And you have to 'read,' naturally. He says you can't write a novel worthy of reading by other people if you don't read.

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    One way that might help is to keep a notebook with you at all times. When an idea hits you, if you can, jot it down. If you have a bit of time, write it more fully. Later, you can transcribe it into your computer. For me, writing can be as simple as "one page at a time."

    If you think about sitting down to "write a novel", of course it can seem totally daunting and overwhelming. But writing one page or so isn't too much for most of us. That, way, it becomes much easier. If you stick with it, after a while you'll have a full notebook or a bunch of pages in your computer ready to be edited into a book.

    Good luck!

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    I've been trying to write a book for several years. All I can tell you is that you've just got to decide how serious you are about doing it. Once you've done that, you'll find the way to get the time needed.

    One suggestion would be to keep a notepad or tape recorder with you at all times. That way, you can jot down ideas (or entire chapters) as they come to you.

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    keep a small blank book with you at all times or what ever works best for you to write in that you can haul around, I have a sacthel I carry with me that has all the tools, but basically you need to sit down and think of all the times you can write like on your break at work or when you sit down and veg in front of the television, turn it off and write instead.

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    Write in your spare time, but only a little bit at a time. Maybe an hour or two of serious writing a day. Shouldn't be hard to find that kind of time.

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    You have to set aside the time. If you write best right after you wake up, you have to get up at 4am.

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