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what abec are red bones bearings??

are they ceramic or abec 7??

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    Bones bearings are never Abec rated. The problem is that ABEC rating was originally for bearings in machines and they are rated to see if they can spin well at ridiculous speeds up to 20,000+ RPM. When you skateboard, you will never reach that high of speeds and Bones, the company, strongly believes that ABEC rating is useless and misleading. This is why they don't rate their bearings.

    I have a set of Bones Red and they are the best bang for the buck bearings on the market. Any pro shop owner or worker will tell you that too. They are a great buy for the money.

    Instead of ABEC, Bones does this "Skate Rated" thing. You can read about it in my source listed below.

    Again, for the price, you won't find better than Bones Reds. And, no, they are not ceramic. Bones Ceramic bearings are $100+ and are arguably the best bearings on the market. My friend has them and when I skate with him I'm pumping my guts out and he just cruises.

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    Abec Rating

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    Bones Red Bearings

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    what abec are red bones bearings??

    are they ceramic or abec 7??

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    reds dont have an abec ratings

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    they dont have an abec rating but they are skate rated and they do spin for a while and are the best for a cheap price

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Bones Reds are as good as any other brands top of the range.

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