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What is The Subtle Knife about?

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    Philip Pullman's The Subtle Knife was a superb novel because of its gripping nature. The story began about a boy named Will Parry a thirteen-year-old London kid goes and hides his mom with a friend and returns to his flat. In his flat two men break in and start looking for something. Will wakes up while one of them is coming upstairs after the man broke the door down. He grabs a green writing pouch and knocks the man over which sends him tumbling down the stairs and his head hits a table and his brains get splattered. Fearing for his life he runs to Oxford. While walking down the street he saw a cat walking around and suddenly it walked through a window in the air and disappeared. Will followed the cat and went into another world. In that world there were palm trees and abandoned buildings . In one of the buildings he meets Lyra Silvertounge a twelve year old girl. Lyra comes also from a different world. Lyra has a DÊmon (named Pantalaimon) which is a little animal which is part of her, all of the people in her world have one. Lyra is searching for a scholar who knows about Dust, which is black matter. Will takes her to Oxford where she asks her alethiometer (a full gold device which can answer any question correctly) where the scholar would be. She meets with the scholar and finds out about a computer called "The Cave" which is a lot like her alethiometer except you can't decode the symbols it gives as answers. Back in the other world Will and Lyra find that the city has only kids in it for some strange reason. While exploring in a tower they find an old man tied up. They untie the man and he tells about a boy downstairs who has the "Subtle Knife". After a long battle between Will and the boy Will lost one and a half fingers and the boy is dead. The old man tells Will how to use the Subtle Knife and how one of the blades can cut through anything. This book is in a series so that is the end of the book .

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    it is the sequel to The Golden Compass...have you read that first? If not, you should really start there because it lays the ground work for A Subtle Knife

    amazing trilogy...I highly recommend it!!!

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