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How many 2 liters fdo I need for 30 people?

I'm responsible for bringing drinks to a 4th of July party where there will be about 30 people. Also, the festivities are expected to last about 12 hours and beer will also be served. How many 2 liters should suffice to cover me?

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    plan at least a liter per person per hour... so, 30 people = 15 two liters... plus, at least that much water... you NEED TO DRINK... TWO GALLONS OF WATER... for EVERY 8 OZ of ALCOHOL consumed... to, FLUSH YOUR SYSTEM!!!

    alcohol consumption... DEHYDRATES PEOPLE... also, it RAISES their BASIC BODY TEMPERATURE... TOO... making them MORE THIRSTY... because it ACTS as a DUIRETIC (that means, it MAKES YOU PISS like a RACE HORSE!!!)

    so, you NEED to REPLACE the FLUID LOSS... with MORE WATER!!!

    also, any SALTY or SPICY food... ADDS to their THIRST... TOO!!!

    good luck at your party... wish i were coming!!!

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    i would say anywhere from 15-20. I did a family get together with 30 people i found that 18 2 liters were plenty even if beer is there some eople might not want to drink it so if you bring that many than you will have plenty to go around esp since its for 12 hours. Have a great 4th.

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    10-15 should be good. You might want to bring some water since there will be beer.

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    you should take around 15 or so, people really like drinks

    i took the same thing for canada day and it worked out perfectly

    anyway happy fourth of July

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    Probably 10-12 will work, I would also take a few things of water. I hope it will be nice where you will have your party... IT keeps raining in our state.

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