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Will people stand up against government corruption?

Our federal government is running amuck. Our state and county governments, judges and lawyers are doing great harm to people in the name of corporate profits and self interest.

If there was a way to stop them or slow them down. Would you personally take some action?

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    Yes. The way to stop corruption is to VOTE for people who will stand up to corruption, AND to not allow them to hold their position too long. After a while, anyone can get get the idea that the system can't function without them. This is not true. We can not expect people in government to impose term limits on themselves, we as voter must do it for them. I don't think the founding fathers intended the congressional seniority system that has developed. We should give key positions to the people who have the best skills, not because they have been around the longest. The current system puts the most rotted fruit on the top of the salad. That is wrong.

  • Anonymous
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    They've got a special place for people like us who intend to stand up to government corruption. Google Civilian Inmate Labor Program or FEMA concentration camp. Are you prepared to stand up and go all the way for what you believe in in the face of imprisonment, knowing that your fellow man will just lie down and take it?

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    Like it or not, governments are going to have some level of corruption no matter what steps are taken seeing humans are not angels. Go after as much corruption as possible, but realize that you are not going to eliminate all of it. Furthermore, there might be corruption in our government, but we probably have one of the least corrupt governments in the world.

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