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Would you join the rebellion?

Would you give up you comfortable life style and rebel? To rebel against everything thats wrong with the world today?

Would you join an armed revolution, giving up everything you have and possibly never getting it back?


There is no clear purpose - nothing has happened, everything is just as it is today. Why wait till things get worse; why not do it today, make the world how it should be.

Its not alright today, you cannot judge how well the world is doing relative to how it was before; it may not be as bad, but it sucks way to much. We are getting to used to the way it is... sure maybe if we wait it out things will fix themselves, but how many people have to suffer until that day, if that day even comes.

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    I am definately NOT in favor of a rebellion ! To rebel would be to go against the Constitution of the United States of America , the form of government I support with all of my being . The government we have in place now has little regard for the Constitution , and as such , are the real rebels . People need to wake up and vote in such a way as to get this country back to the original intent of the founding fathers as set forth in the Constitution , and do it before it's too late and we do have a war . I WILL fight on the side of the Constitution !

  • Careful talking about a rebellion could be dangerous you your freedom you never know how the wrong/right person will take it.

    If the worlds governments started falling a part yes, I'm not rich so what I'd loose could be regained, the rich would never join something contrary to their beliefs, or way of life first they would have to loose everything.

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    Why and armed rebellion just act like the rest of the people that hate this country and join the terrorist ....there are some things bad in this country but i am not sure it has come to the point of a rebellion. Or a treasonous revolution.

    Become a politician if you have all the answers.

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    ...even tho Texas has in it is shape the flexibility to verify it is very own Republic (that substitute into universal via the U.S. government while it became a State)... Gov. Perry can no longer tug Texas in a remote places united states of america... Perry will, although, make Texas a greater "Sovereign" State and kick the federal government out "one foot up their a'ss" at a time ! God Bless Texas !

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    uh, you have to have a meaningful rebellion before you can even ask this question - or you will become like the rebels in central america at the turn of the century, who didn't care what it was that they fought against as long as they fought.

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    You have to realize that this question is impossible to answer. What rebellion? Who is organizing it? What do they want? Who are they fighting? Why?

    Not all rebellions are created equal. Most of them are even worse than the tyrannies they intended to replace.

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    I would if we could get a listening government that stopped all the crap that is happening to the middle and lower classes these days. I don't think I'd feel comfortable to kill someone but I'd be willing to carry a gun. I am accurate when I shoot!

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    For a chance at real freedom...a world that actually has morals...where friendship and kindness is not only found in books. I would give everything.

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    It depends on what there is to rebel about. If it's because we have been invaded, then sure. If it's just because you are disenfranchised, then no. Go start a band for that.

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    No, since I think I have some idea how much worse we could make things by destroying what we have now.

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