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UGH!!!!!!!!eyeliner troubles?

im bout to go to church and im putting on y make up, but my eyeliner's acting all wierd and it gets in my eye and it hurts really bad. (no grammer comments please)does any1 know how to get it out of my eye??????????


o...and i dont wanna mess up my make up

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    Wet a Q-tip, swirl it between your fingers to kinda get it to a point, lift your eye lid and run the Q-tip along the liner of your lid. Try not to blink when your applying mascara.

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    U probably might not have put powder on eyelids before putting eyeliner so now it's running even at slightest bit of moist in the area.

    The best thing to do is have a tissue and carefully try to take out the excess eyeliner or just take out the whole eye makeup altogether with eye makeup removers.

    next time buy liquid eyeliner which are really good at not running into the eyes and just staying in the area even if u don't have powder one eyelid 1st. or put powder 1st (even eyeshadow works) and then the eyeliner

  • Sorry about these stupid people and their comments but if its in your eye the get the tip of you finger wet and brush it out with the tip of your finger! if that grosses you out the just flush it out! If you get it before it get hard that would be easer!

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    blink a lot.

    then the chemicals in your eyes will dissolve the eyeliner

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    Slowly brush ur bottom eyelid down with ur finger, or better yet, a cotton swab.

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    put cold water in your eye to wash it out.

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    maybe jesus doesen`t want you to wear makeup in his presence :P

    Source(s): ps make up + chruch ? gimmie a break .. you`r not going to a fashion parade so why do you want to "paint" yourself ?
  • Anonymous
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    ur going to church for god sakes!!!! Who are you trying to look sexy for? Jesus?........ like come on

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