How can one see sex videos in Saudi Arabia?

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they wont cut your head off... (another mis informed dumb answer)..
NO sex videos are NOT allowed.. any form of pornography isnt allowed... Thats why most movies are cut and censored by the time you buy them from the video store.. Even normal theater movies...
but yes,, there is a black market, also open satelite TV has some pretty racey channels on them... But if caught with these, or viewing this.. (dont know how someone can catch you viewing it on your personal TV at home) but anyways.. You will just be fined and deported...
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  • ahmad9991 answered 7 years ago
    no allowed to see this in Saudi Arabia , it is probate in Islamic you have to stop this .it is not a good habit

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  • mahawi61 answered 7 years ago
    Satellite TV, Internet downloads and of course the good old black market.
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  • Devastated answered 7 years ago
    Download it using satelite internet and burn the file into VCD format so you can play it on your DVD player.
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  • wolf answered 7 years ago
    You can't see sex videos in Saudi Arabia. They are blocked and if you got sex videos on your computer you will be arrested by the Muttawa and thrown in jail for a long time. You could even get whipped in public for having pornography in your house.
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  • Urooj answered 7 years ago
    By using your eyes..........


    Common Sense
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  • rhsaunders answered 7 years ago
    They have to be smuggled into the country, as the customs people will confiscate them if they find them. That does not mean that none are there; it merely means that there is a black market for the things, as there is for booze.
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  • theanswer read it again please answered 7 years ago
    why do you want to have females made objects for your selfish ends I am ireligious but see great harm in porn all porn should be banned it is about humanity not god get a nice wife and love her well and gentle she will respond in kind


    I am the source
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  • Michael M answered 7 years ago
    black market this is a no no over in that place.
    those wierd o, will cut your head off
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