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Do you think it would be good to allow fighting in other sports besides Ice Hockey?

Hockey is so much more fun when there are fights, so I wonder if they could allow more fights in Baseball (like was seen with Nolan Ryan), or in Basketball (like with Ron Artest).

I think the ticket sales would go up and we'd all have a great time. What if they combined the sports to make them a lot more like Pro Wrestling, or maybe more audience participation.


Wow, fighting in Golf would be brutal, what with those shoes and clubs,,,,

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    Well, based on tradition, no other sport can have fight. There is rules for fights in the NHL.

    It would be hard to add rules for fights in others sports. Maybe LaCrosse can be a good idea..... waterpolo or

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    Well pro wrestling is pretty fake cuz you know the winner is decided before the round. But more fighting in football would be awesome. Fist fighting in baseball is cool. I love hockey. Started watching it just for the fights. I love it!!!!!!!!!!! It just makes it so much more fun and exciting. Fighting in soccer is awesome, I used to play tackle soccer in high school, fight !fight! fight!

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    Although the idea is intriguing, other sports don't need fights to attract fans. Americans know if they want to see a fight, they can watch boxing. Of course, boxing is also a dying sport.

    I loved hockey and boxing at one time.

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    maybe golf would be worth watching then

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    that would be cool like in girls tennis

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