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paranoia and zoloft?

i'm a very paranoid person and just yesterday i was prescribed zoloft. slight increase of heartbeat makes me get so scared! do i have anything to worry about??? because i heard zoloft is an "upper" n all.. also, will anything bad happen if i smoke weed and take zoloft... or drink alcohol and zoloft?

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    Don't drink alcohol with Zoloft--or any psych med. Weed may or may not hurt--but alcohol is sure to--besides, alcohol is a depressant...

    I don't understand why you didn't tell your prescriber that you were worried about taking Zoloft--and ask about whether it is an upper-type med. Also, if your heartbeat has risen, you should really call a doctor--or at least a pharmacist (who are very knowledgeable in medications and their reactions).

    Be better. :)

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    Wow, sounds like a lot of depressants. Cool it.

    If you drink alcohol and take drugs, you could die, so please don't.

    Don't be paranoid because no one is after you, only God is after you to bless you.

    I used to be kinda paranoid until I realized that basically no one cares what I'm doing, thinking, going, wanting,needing and so on.

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