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Whats this thing about R Kelly?

People say he's a pervert and creepy but i don't get what did he do? like apparently theres a rumour saying he peed on a minor! like ew WHAT THE ***** is that all about .i'v never heard about until it really true? is he really a disgusting pervert? lol sorry it's just i don't get it and i'v never heard it before in my life.because if he has then ugh he should be banned from making music..what a creep.


please clear up the rumours.

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    Sexual allegations

    Allegations of Kelly's sexual activity with underage girls go as far back as 1991, when several women claimed to have had sex with him. In 1994, rumors surfaced that Kelly had married fellow singer Alex Shipton, which both singers had denied.

    In 1995, a rumor surfaced that 15-year-old Aaliyah and 27-year-old R. Kelly had secretly married. Both camps initially denied the rumor, but VIBE magazine published a copy of their marriage license, which showed that Aaliyah's age had been falsely listed as 18. The marriage was annulled a few months later.

    None of the prior reports reached the level of publicity that followed the release of a video tape in February 2002 that allegedly showed Kelly and a 14-year-old daughter of an associate, and niece of Sparkle, a former Kelly protégé, engaging in sex.[3] The tape, released by an unknown source, was sent to the Chicago Sun-Times, the newspaper that broke the story. While witnesses have identified the alleged victim, the girl and her parents have denied that she is the person shown on the tape. Kelly has also denied that he is the man in the video.[3]

    Bootleg copies of that tape became widely available on the black market and over file sharing networks. The tape showed numerous sex acts, including the girl being urinated upon. In June 2002, Kelly was indicted in Chicago for 21 counts of having sex with a minor, which were later reduced to soliciting a minor for child pornography, seven counts of videotaping the acts, and seven counts of producing child pornography. These charges came after viewing the tapes showed that there was no actual sexual intercourse involved. Kelly still faces 14 of the charges.[3]

    In addition to the charges in Illinois, Kelly was being considered for further charges in Polk county Florida on January 23, 2003 on 12 counts of possession of child pornography when authorities alleged to have found a digital camera containing 12 pictures of an underage female with three of them showing Kelly and her engaged in intercourse.[3] These claims were never proven, and the charges were dropped after the search that led to them was ruled illegal.[3]

    In 2004, allegations emerged that among Kelly's tapes was one including gospel singer Deleon Richards, the wife of Detroit Tigers baseball player Gary Sheffield.

    There have been several other lawsuits against R. Kelly.[4] A dancer sued for invasion of privacy because tapes of her private acts with him were circulated, alleging that he allowed distribution of copies without her consent. The dancer later alleged that the taping was without her consent and was not properly protected. Two other sex suits by underage girls were settled and he denied any relationship with either of them, stating that the settlement was strictly to protect his emerging career. Another woman sued him claiming that he seduced her at age 16, got her pregnant, and forced her to get an abortion.

    During the pornography controversy, Kelly's problems carried over into his own family. His future wife, Andrea, sought a restraining order against him on September 2, 2005 claiming he physically and verbally attacked her on two occasions but rescinded her request on September 26. Andrea had been a backup dancer and became pregnant by him. They then married and she is the mother of his son and two daughters. R.Kelly and his wife are legally separated, but are in the process of getting a divorce.[5]

    After a number of delays, on October 27, 2006 a Cook County, Illinois court hearing for pre-trial motions set the date of the actual trial to February 7, 2007.[6] On the date of the trial Kelly's lawyer informed the court that his client was unable to attend because he was "undergoing surgery for a burst appendix." He also announced that Kelly was "in good condition and was expected to be released from the hospital later in the day." His attorney stated that Kelly (who pleaded not guilty) would be in attendance on the next trial date of February 21, 2007.[7] It had previously been announced by the court that the videotape that allegedly shows Kelly performing sex acts with an underage girl will be publicly shown as evidence in the trial.

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    He is accused of making a video of himself having sex with a clearly underage girl. (video is available on the internet). I have not seen it, but apparently he pees on the girl during the sex act. Turns out the girl was only 15 at the time. Apparently he also had some pictures of himself having sex with other young girls in his house in florida. The court ruled that those pictures were seized illegally so he couldnt be prosecuted for it.

    go to they have all of this information about his pending cases...

    he still makes good music...but he is suspect... most of his major hits have to do with sex. Plus he married the singer Aaliyah when he was 27 and she was like 14 or 15. She lied on the marriage certificate and her parents made her get an annumment when they found out...

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    I remember it is true I was watching t.v a while back and they showed detectives going through his house.They took out movies that were personally made.I dont know how much is real but I do remember that,when I tried to google it everything that came up was people making fun of him.

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    He made sex tapes with under aged girls and was tried in court for it I think.

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