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Conflict of Interests;what do you do when your boss askes you to do one thing and your CEO does not know?

CEO instructs one thing and your mean and nasty boss instructs you to do something else which the CEO does not know. What would you do?

You know what I did? I informed it very diplomatically to my CEO via email... Is that fine?

This is for working ethical people who know how to handle the working atmosphere in big companies and conglomerates... anyways just answer please!

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    I would have suggested you to write an email to the boss stipulating as to his request and asking him to confirm this is what he told you.

    Then when you have a reply, I would have advised you to forward the email to your ceo with a request for comment.

    Just so you had a papertrail in case you were fired.

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    Write a letter to your boss apprising him of your objection to performing the task ordered, with a CC: to the CEO.

    That way, you can tell your boss you are withholding the sending of the letter to he CEO if he will allow you to bow out of the task.

    Going straight to the CEO will cause problems between you and your boss because you went over his head, without warning him.

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