What is the difference between internet and Internet?

what is difference between internet and Internet? what is the transmission technology used by internet and Internet?

(which one among this is "network of networks"?)

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    There is no difference between Internet and internet other than one has an upper case first letter.

    There is a difference between Internet and Intranet. Internet is the network that is open to all of the general public. Intranet is a private network closed to the general public and accessible only to those within a specific organization.

    What may appear at first to be inconsistant is that an Intranet can use the Internet as the transport mode but it assures limited access via user names and passwords thereby limiting access and achieving the intranet status..

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    There is no difference in the terms as you asked it. If you are wondering what the difference is between the Internet and an Intranet, the Internet is the World Wide Web, public and available to everyone. An Intranet is a private and usually secure site normally used within one company or groups of companies under the same corporation. The transmission technology is the same for both. A network is a group of computers linked together, and normally all files are accessible to every computer on the network, with most files posted on a specific drive located in the main server. A network of networks, then, would be several networks connected together. Hope this is the answer to your question.

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    "The Internet" is the proper name for what we are using right now. This, yahoo, the net, the computers, the people intercomunicating each other, the web pages, and so on; the whole thing is The Internet, which is also called "The Net", it is a synonym. This is what you heard like the "network of networks". You even can say "The Web".

    "internet", purely -in lowercase-, means something like interconnected networks, which is the technically definition of "The Internet": Some computers networks interconnected with others computers networks. That is the essence of "The Internet".

    For example: I can update my antivirus software on "The Net" -The Internet-; publish your photos on "The Internet"; I found that article on "The Web". All of them refers to the "network of networks". "The Web" and its context refers, most of times, to information located on The Internet, in web pages and web servers, it excludes the instant messaging like yahoo messenger, e-mails and some other Internet services.

    What a puzzle. I hope I have explained it a little.

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    Well there is a difference between Internet and internet.

    Internet, with a capital 'I' is the global network, which in turn is a collection of millions of networks that carry information and services. In short. Internet is what you are currently using.

    internet with a small i, is just a technical term for "network or networks".

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    Internet means Global network in which million and million comuters are inter connected with the Help of different ISPs.

    It is a paid network.

    internet means LAN in which lesser number of computer are connected in a small area. It isfree to use. No need of any third-party or you can say ISPs

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    I - global network in which million and million computers are interconnected.

    i - it is connected in a small area of network.

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    I - is the internet

    i- inter network

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    as same as the www (world wide web ) and http://

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