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Differentiate between primary, secondary and tertiary occupations.?

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Primary: A job in which produces a product. These jobs are very labor intensive, as well as little pay, these jobs are in least demand. (but were very popular 100 years ago) An example of this job would be: lumberjack, mining, etc.

Secondary: These jobs are in which they process a product. these pay a little better than primary, and are a relatively safer environment. (these jobs have remained the same popularity as they have had about 100 years ago) these would be factories, that process a product. An example is, processing ore, (in a factory)

Tertiary: These jobs have the most pay, they are the most popular among people today, they have the least amount of labor involved, as well they usually have good benefits and pentions. These jobs are everywhere, they provide the customer with the product, doctor, lawyer, store owner, etc, etc, etc.


grade nine geography, i knew i listened/studied for a reason lol

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It was a great answer. I hope the latter will help me in future also.
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  • Mike1942f answered 8 years ago
    Under the old definitions (not used much I think)
    Primary occupations produced product - farmers, blacksmiths, miners, assembly line workers, etc.
    Secondary occupations provided distribution of goods - warehousing, transportation, sales.
    Tertiary occupations provided services unrelated directly to goods - management, accounting, advertising, etc.
    Part of this tricotomy is based on Marxist economic theory that the only value of work is provided by people who produce product and everyone else is a leech on the working man.
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  • kevrigger answered 8 years ago
    real job
    side job
    nite job
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  • fraxinus26 answered 8 years ago
    It denotes a chain of snobbery of sorts. "I look up to HIM! And I look down on HIM!"
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  • Differentiate between primary, secondary and tertiary occupations.?
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