Chavs ???????????

Been a teenager myself, who sometimes hangs out with 2/3 chavs, I know what they can sometimes be like. Anyway to ask the question . . . Does anyone else get dirty looks given to them, when you go out into the street wearing adidas tracksuit bottoms or a coat with the hood up. I often realise that as I am walking down a street, elderly people or even younger people 20-30-40s often cross the road, or avoid me :S. Anyone else get that, and what are your opinions on chavs ?


Definition Of A Chav From . -

look outside a corner shop or takeaway or whatever at about 11pm at night and you will see chavs, usually in groups between about 5 and 20.

boys wear some kind of hardnut tracksuit, with nike,adidas,scholl,bear,t imberland accross it, and have a nike/burbery cap about 90 degrees to their head.

the girls have peroxide blondre hair pulled back so tight their forehead doesnt move, make up put on witha shovel, a trackie with priness or babe or something on the back of it, a fag in one hand and a mobile in the other. oh and both boys and girls wear about 2 tonnes of argos jewellery each.

they normally say things like-

"oi, you startin"

"youre gonna get banged out you little c**t"

"get us some fags"

"its orrigh't innit"

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    As a group, they are a bit annoying but individually they are perfectly fine. It's like any group. Goths, Hells Angels, hippies, whatever. En masse, they are a weird spectacle, but on their own they are, generally, perfectly nice people.

    Cowgirl: a chav is a sub-culture of British society. If you are American, 'white trash' is a close approximation.

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    I hate seeing the butt cracks and there is a law in Los Angeles that if your pants hang down too low you get a 500 dollar fine.

    I hope the other states pick it up.

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    1 decade ago

    what the f*** is a chav? tell me what they are

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