i heard that hooters restaurant?

will be opening in dubai? hooters restaurant use female sex appeal. i thought dubai is an islamic state? want to know more about hooters wiki it.

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    1 decade ago
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    You are right, Dubai is an Islamic Emirate and is very open minded. This openes should not be taken advantage off.

    Dubai has poured cold water on a reported plan by an American restaurant famous for dressing its waitresses in revealing clothes to open in the city.

    Hooters wanted to launch outlets in Dubai. A Kuwaiti investor, who has the franchise rights to Hooters, said in recent reports he was trying to secure a location to open a restaurant this year.

    But Ali Ebrahim, deputy director-general for executive affairs at the Department of Economic Development (DED), said Hooters has not been registered with the department.

    The local laws will not allow restaurants that are in violation of "religion, traditions and culture," he said, according to a report in Al Khaleej. He said the DED is closely following the US firm's plans to open an outlet in Dubai.

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    I really don't think that hooters will open in dubai. As you said, Dubai is an islamic country (even though a very liberal one). There are a lot of hookers all over the bars in Bur Dubai and that is somehow tolerated by the authorities but I really can't imagine that they will allow a hooters down there.

  • Leslie
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    4 years ago

    men dont use hooters for the value of the food they will eat any old crap if served to them by a suggestive woman with big **** and they will belive any old crap from a woman of similar build. I am 40dd maybe I should get a job at hooters or maybe I should see a shrink what I am saying is that no matter what size boobs a woman has it should not matter We are more than our bra size the women who do these thinga are the stupid cows because when age take over the job goes to a younger firmer woman the food must be really crap for the hooters company to sell it with the false promise of sex. women are more than what goes into the bra cup and i feel sorry for any man who can only see us as a set of **** perhaps he lacks education and maybe also slightly jealous of good looking guys who pose suggestively for women maybe they have got what it takes and he as not a lot of ding but no dong maybe i should concider opening a retaurant similar to hooters call it roosters and then sell crap food to women with waiters in thight swimwear it made a big profit for hooters

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    I heard that dubai govt is not giving permission to hooters ... as its very difficult to control ppl in dubai when hooters gal show up.. !!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    depends on where u are. I know here on the west coast (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, OC, etc) their uniforms are modest compared to what most young ladies where around here, especially in the summertime. Remember, the restuarant has a theme. its not a strip club. kinda like the retro skater girls that wore skirts and rollerskated to your car windows decades ago.

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    first of all

    dubai is not a "country" .. hell it aint a capital even!!

    its just a part of the 7 emirates!!,,, so they have to follow the rules of the country United Arab Emirates

    n open minded or not...there r rules to b followed in our country..n openning slutty restaurants to please the ex-pats isn't one of them

    let them open it in israel if they want to....

    (is that how our country becoming...on the same level as israel? wat a shame!!)

    n again i emphasize on this:


  • 1 decade ago

    in my very own personal opinion it shouldn't b allowed coz not only it'll spoil just our males but itsgoing to ruin over all environment here. no matter how expensive it would b to enter, how expensive it would b to get drinks there, yet ........ v'll very soon into a situation whre no respect will b there, no more identities v will have in the world. and i appreciate to those who said it shouldn't be and ............................. those who suggests to move this to Saudia Arabia for them................... mind it!!!!! wht u r saying. U thought once, u said once......................... i respect you for not having it a second time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The hooters their will most likely only feature Tight burkas and non alcoholic beer...and that makes me wanna F***ing cry.

  • 1 decade ago

    sounds so funny !!! how wuld they do it.. but it wuld b a big hit in dubai...

  • 1 decade ago

    Why don't they try Saudi Arabia...

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