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How can I increase my metabolic rate?

Which exercise/fitness tips can you give me to increase my metabolic rate? Also if you can explain the science behind it, I would appreciate it.

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    -Eat breakfast. You metabolism is slow in the morning becasue you have been fasting all night. Eating breakfast revs it up.

    -Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Same principal, when you go to long without eating your metabolism slows. Eat something at least every 3 hours.

    -Build muscle through resistance training. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate because muscle is active tissue and burns calories even at rest.

    -Drink lots and lots of water. Being sufficiently hydrated makes you body carry out its metabolic processes more effiecintly.

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    Ooo! Just did this in Biology!

    Metabolic rate is the overall ability of your cells to extract and use energy from food in order to maintain itself. You eat, your digestive tract sorts out what you can use and stores it up and the body uses it as needed. If your cells are highly efficient, you go through the process quickly and your cells are eager to do it again, like the little suck-ups they are, and you have lots of energy at your disposal. Sometimes the process takes longer and more work can pile up while the cells plod along and it gets backlogged. Fats, carbs, and proteins all sort of stand around feeling stupid while waiting in line, like people at the BMV.

    It's genetic and age can play a role. You can, however, increase your metabolism through exercises. If your not highly active, build up your activity level a little at a time. If you exercises a lot all at once, your body won't quite know what to do with itself, since it's not used to needing so much energy. You won't get any benefit busting your butt all at once and you'll just get sweaty and tired for nothing. Even if you have a high metabolic rate you can put on a lot of weight if you aren't active enough.

    I have a fairly high metabolism, but I find that eating in the morning plus a little light exercises helps boost it. I walk 15 minutes to catch a bus to work. If you drive to work or school in the morning, try parking a bit farther away than you usually would. Small meals throughout the day are better than two or three big ones, too (my mother says I don't eat, I graze).

    I hope that was alright. I sometimes wonder if people understand me and my explanations (which is bad since I want to go into education).

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    Well think of your metabolism as a car, it needs fuel to go. Then think of food as the fuel to get it going. The more you eat, the more fuel it has to run off of. Of course you don't want to get fat though, so eat smaller meals/snacks often. Every few hours if you like, and your metabolism will keep going. Some people out there don't need to eat like that though to keep their metabolism going because they naturally have a high metabolism due to their genetic make up. Unfortunatly, many of us aren't like those people.

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    Exercising naturally increases it even while you're not exercising. as long as you get your body jogging even at times of rest your body naturally creates a higher metabolism

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    you can speed metabolism with vigorous exercise temporarily. But you cannot change your basal metabolic rate, that is set by your genetic structure.

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    Jessica set you on a good track..

    Just want to add: Avoid sugar in all forms. no caffeine, Eat your green veggies. When I start to feel sluggish in the afternoon a nice spinach or spring greens salad perks me up better than goodies ever did. Yes I miss the candy, soda and chips.....................

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