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If a 14 year old boy impregnates a girl, do the parents have to pay child support till the boy is 18?


please I just want a answer not a indictment. This is the son of a relative and I have no control over the boy or the parents

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    The parents of the boy and the girl are not responsible to support the baby. The law will expect the teenage boy and the mother to support their own child. The Court CAN order child support to be paid by the 14 year old child. If he cannot pay, he will accumulate arrearage that will have to be paid in the future. In addition, the infant will suffer because she/he will not be getting enough support to pay for it's needs.

    If the boy's parents want to keep their son from accumulating arrearages, they can make the support payments for their son. The support should be based on the teenage boy's income, which is probably really low since he's so young. In that case, he'd probably get ordered to pay the minimum amount of child support, which would be somewhere between $50-200 a month, depending on the location.

    As the boy gets older and gets better jobs, the amount of child support ordered will be adjusted, so he'll probably have to pay higher amounts later.

    Now, it's my preaching time. Sorry, but I can't resist. I know it's not your child, but this is something you might want to mention to the grandparents.

    The best thing for the infant and it's parents might be to allow it to be adopted. Studies show that babies raised by teenage parents are more likely to have problems in school and to live in families with low income and education levels. The adoption of the infant would allow it to be raised in a home where it has a better chance of an education, and the parents would still have the opportunity to reach their potential in life. Having a child while a teenager usually keeps the teenager from pursuing higher education and/or getting a decent job. Keeping the child might doom them to a life of low income and struggles.

    FYI: If the female was over 16, she can be charged with statutory rape since a 14 year old is not old enough to legally consent to sexual intercourse in just about every state of the US. If she was under 16, then it's likely that neither can be charged with sexual misconduct.

    Source(s): I'm a juvenile probation officer, and I see children having children all the time. In addition, quite a few of my clients were born of teenage parents. My cousin had a child at 14. All her siblings have decent jobs. Right now, she makes just a little over minimum wage at age 52 because she never had the opportunity to get an education since she was busy raising her child.
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    Many family court judges are faced with the same dilemma. I remember watching a 1970's era show about the father buying Pampers and formula for his child - he was not married to the mother but continued going with her.

    Now to answer your question - that would depend on the laws of your state. Many states put the child support burden on the boy - regardless if his parents send in the check until the child turns 18. Some states may force the boy's parents to contribute until the boy turns 18. What I think you'll see in every state is that child support is on the putative (aka birth) father ONLY with no obligation to any 3rd party to pay support on the minor boy's behalf.

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    Where were the parents of both kids while they were busy impregnating each other??? I think the kids and their parents should be sterilized, and sent on their way so they don't screw up anyone Else's life!

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    I guess it would depend upon whether the girl forced the boy in to those circumstances to begin with.

    There's a lot of that going on these days you know . . .

    Those girls are just out of control.

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    Fourteen and doing it. When I was 14 I was still... well never mind.

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    he should be in jail.......

    the kid sounds like a real loser to start with, and another welfare kid in the making.....

    what are the chances......of anything good in this situation

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    give the kid a pat on the back and yell ATA-BOY

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    NO.Keep it in your pants until you can pay for your mistakes.

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