Americans! Do you think our work is done now that the amnesty bill did not pass?

What about the so called "Dream Act" that would give illegals who dodged the law for 5 years a FREE education? We can talk all day about how it pays to break the law if you are an illegal! When was the last time anyone in government ever offered an American a free education when they broke the law? Do you find this to be an outrage? Do you agree we should not stop making noise so the fat cats in Washington hear us loud and clear? What say you.....American?


God bless you all! You are the spirit of America! We should not take this anymore and need to show Washington who is in charge! Keep writing your elected officials! I could not decide who had the best answer so I am putting this one to a vote!

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    Our work is not done our message is not finished, We must dole out punishment to those who betrayed us. The following Senators as I refer to them the DIRTY dozen are those who need to be thrown out in their primary

    1. Lindsey Graham Senator South Carolina award winner from LaRaza and called us who want border security Bigots. He has lost it and South Carolina deserves better

    2. Trent Lott Senator Missisiippi blaming talk radio for doing whats right and asking if we trust him. NO Trent we dont!

    3. John McCain Senator Arizona when he is out of the presidential race and then loses his senate seat maybe then he will take anger management

    4. Olympia Snowe Senator Maine consistently voting against the american people

    5. Chuck Hagel Senator Nebraska. An ironic twist for the people of Nebraska Hagel did the wrong thing while his Democratic counterpart Ben Nelson did the right thing.

    6. Arlen Specter Senator Pennsylvania during the debate said the calls to his office mean nothnig and that "the will of the Senate" will be heard

    7. John Kyl Senator Arizona elected being strong on illegal immigration and then turning his back on those who got him elected. Also he had his email on his website for a time only available in spanish.

    8. Dick Lugar Senator Indiana more and more against us and our values

    for more of the DIRTY dozen go to


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    It is outrageous what almost happened. Hillary Clinton should be taken aside and talked to for what she is proposing for the 5 year "evasion of law" plan. I don't know where the logic is. But our work is not done, actually no work has been done yet. Our border is a huge step in this problem and I can't see why our govt who can spend 2 billion on a stealth bomber can't spend that on added security and a fence.

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    Not even close, this is just the beginning. They are and will continue to TRY TO sneak through parts of the bill. We have to vote out those who voted in favor of Amnesty and seek out and research politicians who will work to fix this broken system. We have to be even louder now, prove that we will not give up. I think we need to give local law enforcement in border towns more power to enforce immigration laws. Anyone who thinks this is over is sadly mistaken. Keep up the good fight.

    Add- The Dream Act is just that, a dream, and a bad one at that. We simply cannot allow it to happen.

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    I sure have had a wake up call with this issue. I see now that none of the politicians in Wahington have our best interests at heart no mater what letter is in back of their name D or R. I have spent time writing faxing calling my reps on this issue and thankfully so have enough Americans that it made a difference in the outcome and Amnesty failed again. But knowing them they will not give up. Lets keep showing them that we run this country and we can fire their sorry butts and will if they get out of line. I have to leave right now but will post a great site that gives all our reps phone numbers and fax numbers and email addresses. We can't let up on this one folks!

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    What pisses me off is that I'm paying out of state tuition and the border hoppers are paying instate---and I'm a military vet! You bet I'm outraged! At the college I let the people know it too. I'm tired of being silent when I see wrong doing.

    We need to get the fat cats to start enforcing the laws that are on the books. If we did that there wouldn't be a problem.

    Go ahead---give me a thumbs down!

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    It is an outrage. There isn't a "free lunch". We are paying for whatever program. This is the time to get louder. If people want to live here, then it needs to be done legally, not grandfathered in.

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    It is an outrage! It's a ridiculous idea, we need to make sure that is nipped in the bud. It would be a huge slap in the face to American citizens. Hillary is a big supporter of the "Dream Act" Make sure she doesn't end up in the Oval Office.

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    You bet. There's not a single other issue Americans need to inform themselves about and get involved with. And now that the immigration bill has been shot down, we can go back to our tvs and continue ignoring the problem. No need at all to offer constructive alternatives. Well done, everyone!

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    I realized those fat cats in D.C were not talking my language so I made all the noise I could. Will I rest now?... No!!

    I want the wall built, more border patrol, illegals deported, businesses, and employers PUNISHED, and those reps who want these illegals in the U.S. out of office.

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    We've got to keep screaming as loudly as we can. Keep a close eye on what those idiots are doing in Washington. They'll sell us out in a second. They are not to be trusted, they don't care about me or you or anyone except themselves.

    Most of the laws that they pass are outrageous.

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