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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 1 decade ago

Why doesn't Mexico fix its economy so there are less people coming over?

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    1 decade ago
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    Mexico has been victimized by so many Countries attempting to colonialize it, that it has for the most part, lost it's own cultural identity. Let me give you an example. We lived in Berlin Germany for almost eight years, during which time the wall came down, and we got to participate in the reunification of that country. Germany had an interesting linguistic attitude It was basically, "If you can't speak the language, don't learn it!" I would go into a shop, hoping to try out some new phrase or sentence that I had struggled to lern, and invariably the clerk would say something like "Oh, your German is excellent, let me get an English Speaker for you!" Most of the Germans wanted to practice their very precise, and very British sounding English, or they just did not want to hear us fumbling through their language.

    After we came home, we were assigned to Fort Bliss, in the El Paso area. I went downtown to put down a deposit on the Water or Electricity and a very nice lady started talking to me very rapidly in Spanish. I immediately raised my hands in self defense and uttered "Muy Espanol is Poquito," which meant more or less that I spoke very little Spanish. She immediately got a look of pure disgust on her face and replied, "If you respected our people and our culture, you would learn our language and our customs!" I had only been there for about two weeks and my facility for languages is weak at best, but then I had one of those rare ideas for a perfect comeback that almost never arrive until ten minutes after the conversation is over. "Would you like me to learn Navajo, Mayan, or Aztec? I mean, how can speaking Spanish show you any respect. Isn't Spanish the language of your conquerers?" She gave me an indignant look and walked away, but at least the embarrassment was over for me. I think that illustrated the basic difference I was talking about however. A country that is secure in it's identity will show pride in it and try to make visitors comfortable. A Country that has lost it's identity will even cling to the identity of another country that victimized it, rather than adapting the conqueror's poor ethics rather than admit that it has lost it's own. Mexico is a land that is rich in history, natural resources, and native intelligence (Many young Mexicans seem to have an unusually high aptitude in the fields of engineering) but until it finds it's cultural identity again, it will continue to focus the wealth in the hands of a few, while the majority of it's people barely subsist.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's what Mexico's President is working on right now.Now you have the Iraqis migration to worry about.

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