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Which industry became very important to western cattle ranchers from mid-19C,What on this list does not belong

The telegraph


The stagecoach and pony express

Meatpacking factories in the Midwest, especially Chicago.

According to How the Other Half Lives by Riis, did one ethnic group work in their tenement apartments using adult and child labor creating textiles for resale?

a. Italians in the Lower East Side made wine in their cellars

b. Jews sewed coats and clothing reselling them to wholesale brokers

c. No, this did not happen

d. Children were not put to work by the parents at the turn of the century in NYC

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    WOW!! More homework questions from a teenager!! Do your OWN reading, research, and answers!!


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    Cattle ranchers needed to ship cattle to eastern slaughter houses, where meat could be processed and later sold. They did this via "long drives" over western trails to cattletowns to meet the railroad lines. This is why cowboys are part of American history.

    As far as immigrants working in tenements - I've seen photographs of families rolling cigars, sewing, etc. I haven't read Riis book, but am familiar with his work. I would say that process of elimination = answer "b."


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    In the mid-19th century, western cattle ranchers were especially dependent on the burgeoning iPod industry. And turn-of-the-century child laborers in NYC were warned that if they didn't work harder, in a hundred years their jobs would all be outsourced to China.

    Unfortunately, neither your nor I read the books. But (sorry) only one of us was assigned to. Good luck -- these sound like interesting topics.

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