Best security for a Jeep soft top?

I have a 2000 Wrangler that's been broken into several times. The last straw was when I went to get the air conditioning serviced and they told me the AC had been cut out completely! I can't afford to buy a full hard top right now. What else can I do?


As per comments on the AC: The car was used but it did have working AC for the first year plus that I had it. I am not a mechanical expert by any means so I can't comment on the rest. Anyway, my priority right now is security so all suggestions are appreciated.

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    No way somebody stole your entire AC system. First of all, the Jeep wouldn't run. The compressor is belt driven by the main serpentine belt and removing that would have rendered the Jeep useless. It turns everything - starter, alternator, A/C compressor etc. Unless they crawled under there, took the tension off, removed all the A/C parts (not easy btw) and then replaced your old belt with a new, shorter one the Jeep wouldn't have even started when you came back to it. Did you by any chance buy the Jeep used? Maybe the previous owner removed it and didn't tell you.

    On to the question. The absolute best way to make sure nobody steals anything out of your Jeep is to remove everything you don't want stolen and leave it unlocked. Trust me, a locked Jeep with a soft top will wind up with cut windows.

    Tuffy make a bunch of really heavy duty replacement and add on compartments - I have one of their center consoles and glove boxes. Not much room, but you can fit things like IPODS and sunglasses in them.

    Even after adding these I lock them and leave the doors open.

    Its summer time - you can probably find a used hard top for $500 or less in southern California - keep your eye on ebay and craigslist.

    True, true - the starter isn't part of the accessory drive/sperp belt system, dont' know what i was thinking. Jeep sitll wouldn' not have run without the belt.

    Thanks Justme

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    What do you need an AC for anyway? I have a Jeep with a soft top and it has been broken into a few times, I got a radio with a removable face, that is the only thing of value in there. Otherwise, I keep nothing in there. If you are concerned about security look into an "auto taser" These devices are like "the Club" but they have a remote control and when they are activated they pulse electicity that will jump about 8" to shock the hell out of any intruder. They rock. You might also look into a security device that is commonly known as a well trained, angry dog. Keep a well trained angry dog in your jeep and it will keep the bad guys away. Really any biting animal will work, but dogs are easy to train. Lions and tigers are more lethal, but hard to keep in the jeep.

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    i'm with tastyfish. leave it unlocked. feels strange at first, but you'll get used to it. i always did with my softtop jeep. the tuffy products are great. especially the overhead one. hardly anyone looks up when stealing stuff from a car. you can mount and hide a stereo in some of their models. special locks are ade for the easy to access hood. I used to have 2 army ammunition boxes mounted under my hood for tools and whatnot. cheap at an army surplus store and are waterproof. A link to a cool catalog below.

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    Leave the doors unlocked so they don't slash your soft top trying to get in. I would get a Bazooka tube, with some quick disconnects and a built in amp. That way you can take it in at night

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    Jeep Soft Top Security

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    I had a problem with people trying to steal my 05 wrangler.When I went out.You can get a security system for it.But it won't stop them from cutting your windows and crap.I started taking my rottie with me.She put a stop to them.

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    you can get a car alrm with proximity sensors so if someone is even around it for 2 long it will go off. i had one priced at like $3-350

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    get an alarm with a motion sensor! for about $300 bones!

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    g_tastyfish right on with answer EXCEPT one thing,,,The starter is NOT run by a belt!!!!!

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