what is the best college/university to study astronomy?

please im about to be a senior and i cant seem to find many. plz and thank you!

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    I'll list the top astronomy schools at the end, but keep in mind that these are the best graduate schools, which can sometimes detract from the undergrads being able to do research. But they are still great schools to study at. Also keep in mind that if you want to be an astronomer, there really aren't any jobs unless you have a Ph.D. in astronomy - and you need an undergraduate degree in physics to apply to grad school in astronomy. So study astronomy as an undergrad, but major in physics (and don't forget math and computer science).

    Top astronomy schools:

    Harvard, Berkeley, CalTech, UC Santa Cruz, U of Chicago, U of Hawaii, U of Arizona, U of Washington (Seattle), Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, UT Austin.

    Up-and-coming schools (good, growing programs with resources):

    UCLA, Ohio State, Clemson, U Virginia, Penn State, U Toronto.

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