Moving back to New Orleans, any thoughts and advice? All comments, questions and smart remarks appreciated.?

My gf (originally from SoCal.) and I (borne and breed here) are moving back to New Orleans in three days. I've been working downtown for about a two months now and she will be working at a resturant in Metarie. We got a place in uptown. I'm not 100% sure why we are moving there, other than as an artist and writer my gut keeps calling me back to the city. (Haven't lived here since high school.)

We've been excited/nervous about the move, but recently my gf has been reading way too much craigslist and nola post like this ( that has her a bit freaked out.

So what are your thoughts? Are we insane? Where are some chill places we should go?

And Barry, god bless you, please don't cut and paste your long well written response about the city. I've read it plenty of times, so give me something new. What advice would you give your daughter or son if they were moving to the city?


Thanks for answering. It helps to hear that people do still believe in this city and all it has to offer.

Our place is about two blocks south of St. Charles near Touro hospital for further clarification.

Yes the blog was a reference to the Chris Roberts and Dinerral Shavers murders.

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    welcome home, new neighbor. My wife and I love living uptown. New Orleans called me here 11 years ago for college (Tulane), and I immediately fell in love. I have always lived uptown and wouldn't pick any other place in the world to live. I feel safe & believe that I have all the amenities to live comfortably here.

    Since you've been working here for a little while, you can tell that many of the businesses & tourist attractions are open, and that this city is mending itself. Some places will take much longer than other (uptown was very fortunate), but I believe that overall we are on the right track. Crime is a huge issue, but it is often related to drugs, gangs, or domestic violence. Knowing where to go & where not to go are very important, but I would follow that same advice in any large city.

    Chill places - wife and I often go with our friends to the hangouts around magazine st. near Louisiana (the bulldog, the balcony bar, rendezvous tavern), the marigny on frenchmen st. with their live music, and we always end up at the goldmine in the quarter if we're in a dancing mood. A more sophisticated vibe can be felt at the Columns Hotel. I've been on a Juan's Flying Burrito and Matt & Naddie's kick lately. My favorite sushi is definitely Ninja on Oak st., and I love the Mediterranean food at Byblos on magazine. The best oysters are always at Felix's, and I'm stoked that Camelia grill recently reopened. I had breakfast there a couple of weeks ago - have you ever had french fries in a omelette? - to die for! Best pizza is definitely Rocky's, and I love the steaks at Dickie Brennans. Some other New Orleanians may disagree with some of my samples, but that's OK. There is so much to choose from for every budget and every palate type.

    anyway, welcome back!

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    I live in Mobile, AL but visit NOLA frequently as I have family there. I am proud of you for moving back. I think the city needs more people like you. Yes, it is a bit different, but in many ways it is still the same. When I am in some parts of town, I think, "Oh my gosh, this city is really falling." Then again, I hit other parts and don't even think anything has changed, and, if anything, things have gotten better!

    Personally, I think it's still too soon to tell how things are going to shape out. But I do know that right now is the most crucial time in determining that city's future. It's the people like you who are willing and slightly hopeful when it comes to recreating the once great New Orleans. I think the scary thing is how many once die-hards are giving up and leaving the city (and there are a LOT). Yet there are still so many who, whether because of work, their enduring faithfulness to the city, or money, or whatever, are remaining.

    I really don't know what will become of the city. Of course it is my sincerest hope that it will again thrive and be the charmng city it once was, but I can't help but feel a little uneasiness. Only time will tell.

    From a tourist point of view, the city has come back hugely. From a day-to-day resident's view, however, my aunt often talks of the new frustrations such as excessive traffic, not as much restaurant service so therefore longer waits, and constant going away parties for friends and family.

    But hey, what have you got to lose? I admire your sense of adventure and hope, and wish you and your city the absolute best for the future!

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    Yes, come ahead! I'm a New Orleans tourguide who has been forced to live away from the city since right before Katrina hit. I would love to be back in the city now, and if I had the funds, I would move back there next week! I get really tired of hearing people talk about New Orleans like it's the ONLY place in the whole world with crime, or that crime in New Orleans is far worse than anywhere else. NOT SO! The news media are programmed and told to stay focused on what is BAD that's happening, because it sells.

    New Orleans needs people who have a positive attitude and can see hope for the city. We have too many negative thinkers here, especially the ones who comment on

    NO, you are not insane for wanting to come back to the Big Easy. And neither am I. New Orleans affects you like no other place and the uniqueness of our city must be preserved and fought for.

    Well, from what I can ascertain, most of the crime is due to the drugs, and is confined to black areas. If you are not a drug dealer and don't hang with those people, you're fine. I would advise a young adult to NOT be out on the streets anywhere in the city between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am. I don't have any children, but that's my common sense advice.

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    Uptown is a great area as it always has been. As with any major cities there are areas you may not feel as comfortable/safe as others but the areas such as the french quarter, the garden district, uptown and the marigny are all great areas which are safe and all have their individual charm and mystique that draws you into the spirit that is new orleans. The city needs people to come back home and love and appreciate it for what is, which is a wonderful city. I think the press always tends to focus on the downside of things and especially certain cases in new orleans. This is too bad because its a city and a culture that is trying so hard to come back and the people that have hung tough certainly deserve a positive vibe to keep moving forward. I think you and your girlfriend will really enjoy the city.

    As far as places to go there are so many to go but a few in Uptown are Igors, The bull dog and for music the maple leaf. There are so many great palces, just explore and enjoy.

    Welcome Home!

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    your not insane. for a writer and artist, new orleans couldn't be a better place. i also write and found my inspiration is high when i go down to the city and just sit. it swear its something in the air. the stuff people post about they city is more from media than personal experience. crime to me in the city is no more different now than it was pre katrina. the people shotting each other and killing each other are mainly drig dealers wanting they territory back. if you don't go looking for drug you should be fine. i've been all over they city since katrina, and havn't once felt unsafe even in areas that were unsafe before katrina because i know everyone around there is going through the same thing i am except for they are permenatly back in the city and i'm only there part time. as for places to go, Tipitina's on Napoleon Ave is a cool spot.

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    Woohoo, I didn't even read your question lol. I'm from New Orleans...Uptown is buzzin downtown just as savvy, and the Quarter is realy cleaned up

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    Start by losing the 5 o'clock shadow!


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    Well do what the two of you think is right, not us.

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