looking for a song called " dk anthem" ive looked everywhere but i cant find it any help ??

hi im looking for a song called "dk anthem" ive looked everywhere but i cant find it any help ??


DKR anthem and the album is rhythm and prose

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    Is this it???????????

    Artist: Dj Clue

    Song: Ruff ryder's anthem (remix)

    Album: The Professional

    [" The Professional " CD]

    [Featuring Fabulous Sport Foxy Brown Mase]


    I thought Duro was an old man before I met her

    Check this out right this is me M A dollar sign E (C'mon C'mon)

    Thorough too throrough Harlem World be the burough

    Cool to Blood up above (that's right)

    can't forget my family (who that be) Cardan & KFC

    Blinky Blink & D R E

    (Uh Huh) (Uh Huh)

    Cluemanati We Like It (Uh Huh)

    Mase too smooth call me debonair

    hits every year, so shake your derriere (C'mon)

    cops pull me over, what they don't feel it fair

    what a brother, too black, me living here

    we don't stare, I don't care, I'm know I'm there

    twenty years old and about to be a millionaire

    What you think, cause Mase be young, Mase be dumb

    and if you get Mase strung, that'll be no pre-num

    Ever since Big died, my whole life changed

    I done blew, I'm your boo, it seem quite strange

    I get nice things, way out your price range

    Half these girls, don't even know my right name

    I'm fly rolie, mink made of coyote

    Love a ghetto hoe, I know she die fo' me

    You got me confused, see Cam the freak

    Mase never the the ***** to bring sand to the beach

    I some that an average hoe's hand couldn't reach

    living in expenses, 20 grand a week

    You know me, I be O-T,low-key

    Icy roli, smoke a O-z

    I'm a baby face *****, without no goatee

    and I'm 2.8 and about to blow 3

    (Mase) Fabolous

    Chorus: Now that's the way (Uh-Huh, uh-huh), We like It


    That's the way (uh-huh,uh-huh) We like it 3x


    Now you can tell I blew, push the 740 L-I through

    Eyes low, from the L-I-Q

    if you was hot, you'd be going through the cell I do

    give alias to any female, I screw

    One running with Fabolous,who knew as well as I do

    Every fed in the country wanna nail my crew

    Before I hit the tens, I'm getting bailed by crew

    be back downtown,bagging chicks at L-I-U

    cause money ain't a thing no more, I use to sling the raw

    Now I'm off in spring to tour, in Singapore

    might catch me getting head from a bilingual hoar

    who never seen so many diamonds in her ring before

    I'm a boasting fly bro, soon to lay on a coast of Cairo

    Roast the hydro, type of cat you would say, is supposed to lie low

    and V two shades with the toast and the Tahoe

    We the ****** that be getting it, and throwing minks on

    Cubans to the belly,and still throwing links on

    Ya'll cats know me, I be throwing clinks on

    and be loving the bitches, we be throwing drinks on

    Chorus 3x


    Did you know that I, simply got these cats where I want 'em and...

    (uh) See the 6 then I want 'em in

    It ain't a secret, bet that I slide 'em with something I could freak


    And do that freak ****

    And I'm stepping in hotter, like Don Dada

    snatch my Prada, ya hoes done done nada

    make you never wanna flash your ****

    like when you see my crew you wanna stash your ****

    If do find me,then I will crash your ****

    If you think you was a'ight, I will blast your ****

    Ya know me, chick that ride the dick slowly

    use to be O-T, now I'm 2.3 (Uh)

    Same ***** that ya'll loving to hate

    be that same chick, that you praying will fake

    and I solemnly swear, we'll rep to the death

    ya heard?(uh,uh,uh)**** you think this is?

    If you broke, then I be off, do mine, ski off

    and, ain't no love, just trying to get my thing off

    Unless there's some princesses on the wrist

    or some chrome on the 6, he ain't seeing my ****

    Oh yeah, it's not a game, I do my thing

    Scan to a change, cop a platinum range

    Chorus 3 x

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can find the video for DKR Anthem on You Tube


    Youtube thumbnail

    Or try DKR's website, www.dkrepublic.com

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