infusum 23?

can you use infusium 23 on your hair if it is dyed blond if you cant is there anything you can put on your hair so it wont be dry and breakoff

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    1 decade ago
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    Infusium 23 leave in is wonderful for dyed hair. It helps protect it from heat and adds in much needed moisture. Doing a weekly oil treatment on dyed hair will also help. Get some jojoba oil from the health store and mix it with olive oil. Slather it on your hair and wrap it in saran wrap for at least an hour. Shampoo it out. Do this once a week to keep your hair from becoming brittle and breaking. The saran wrap/plastic wrap traps heat onto your head so that your hair follicle will open up to absorb the oil. Always shampoo with a mild shampoo afterwards. If you can get it the Pureology line is the best for colored hair. Their moisturizing line is perfect.

    Also if you can get it online, the Lori Davis Perfection conditioner is the best deep conditioner I've used on bleached hair and it's cheap. You can also make a deep moisture hair mask with overripe avocados, bananas, olive oil, and jojoba.

    Source(s): Myself: 10 years makeup artistry experience, 800 hours makeup training, 450 hours esthetic training.
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    I am not sure about the Infusium 23 but I do know that Pantene makes great products for your hair and they do what they say they will do. I have always been a shampoo skeptic. I mean how can they be different when they have similar ingredients right? wrong!! Pantene has a lot of different products to chose from. Just pick the one that is made for color treated hair. Do not get the ones that have the shampoo and conditioner together. Get separate conditioner that matches the shampoo. Trust me!!

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    I use it on my hair and it doesn't effect it. It should be fine.

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