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H.A.L asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

Why do they never put men's clothing on the ground floor in department stores?

They put womens on the ground floor, lets face most women could afford to loose a stone or two so walking up the stairs would be good excercise for them.


Fair point Purple diamond i used the word loose instead of lose in my haste but if you are going to complain about spelling at least use proper words (GOTTA) oh and by the way loose is a word so the spell check would not highlight it..... you see.

Update 2:

Oh lighten up Sue, no pun intended.

Update 3:

I'm still waiting to borrow some of your dodgy DVD's Taharniegsi, not the ladyboy one's though.

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    ha ha i hate shopping anyway got better things to do with my time,like.obviously,watching dodgy porn!

  • Men are generally more likely than women to be shopping purposefully, i.e. looking for specific items they have already decided they need and visiting stores they have already decided may provide the items in question. Women, on the other hand, more often impulse shop. Placing women's clothing on the ground floor is more visible, accessible and tempting to women walking by on the street and will therefore draw more customers into the store than would putting men's clothes on the ground floor.

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    Have you shopped in primark lately,mens clothes are downstairs,and not all department stores put mens clothes upstairs,burtons donot as it is a mens clotheing store,new look has mens clothes on the same level as womens and childrens.why dont you ask the department store you go in why the clothes are on the upper level,and not all women need to loose a stone,some men could do with the exercise aswell.i do hope that has answered you question for you,have a nice day....

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    Coz when women go shopping we usually have to take the children with us. It is easier for men to quickly run up the stairs than a woman to trek up with a buggy, etc. The Debenham's in my town has all the gent's stuff downstairs and the women's upstairs so it isn't every shop. I am going to politely ignore the weight remark, a lot of men could do with exercise as well you know.

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  • Maddie
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    1 decade ago

    Probably because women do most of the clothes shopping for their man - mine would wear the same thing day in day out until it fell off him given the chance - and therefore before they get to the desired department the store wish them to spend money on themselves! There are plenty of lifts and elevators in stores and actually very few stairs I've noticed!

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    It is a marketing ploy!!! On the whole, most ladies do shopping for their partners. If the menswear section was right by the doors in a shop, the lady would find what they're looking for and be able to get it straight away, but as the ladieswear is ALWAYS before getting to the menswear, us women always find something absolutely irresistible to buy, however spontaneus our decision may be!!

    Oh and i find your comment about weight loss very offending, you could do with keeping snide remarks like that to yourself. There really is no need for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    They do in Marks and Spencers!

    I find it really annoying as us ladies have to go upstairs for our clothes!

    A young, fit, strapping lad like you could easily climb those stairs, what are you whining about?!

    Besides, some women don't want to lose their weight as they believe that 'the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's a mind thing,

    Men are hunters _ ever notice how men go to the store with a goal, they walk in - find the right size - buy - walk out!

    Women gather_ we look at every thing we might like to buy we pick everything out walk to the next rail, decide we actually don't like the first thing we picked up then, try it on........etc, get my point, we like spendin' TIME lookin' at all the pretty things, making up our minds!

    Men spend their MONEY and go!

    Source(s): I work in a clothing department, and that's just how it is!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For the same reason that food stores put milk at the rear of the store. They want you to look around and buy other items. This is known as impulse buying.

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    when was the last time anyone lost a stone taking the stairs. there are far more fat blokes than birds, so the women should be the one's raising hell.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I must stand on my head when I go in a multi store because it'sjust the oposite.

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