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What do I need to do to study medicine?

I've just completed my GCSE's but haven't got the results back, I'm predicted all A's and A*'s. I've been accepted into my school's 6th Form to study Match, Chemistry, Biology and Physics and know that I need to preferably get A's in all of them. I've been interested in Medicine for a while.

I'm more curious about what I have to do in applying to a University, I've been reading up and think I need to take a BMAT or something, but I'm getting confused between the UK where I live and the US.

I'd love to go to Cambridge, mostly because it's quite near to where I live and my Dad went there, but am thinking that London Imperial might be more acheivable. One of my friends who also wants to study medicine said that Edinburgh is the best Uni for Medicine so now I'm very confused...

This is lots of questions in one and I've written lots here, but it's good to give detail, right? (This is the first time I've asked a question!) Much thanks!


I'm actuay studying Maths at A level rather than Match, that would be a typo...

I'm definately planning on staying in the UK, and have considered pharmacy as an option, another friend wants to study it and it sounds quite interesting.

Thanks to everybody that's answered!

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    Hi. Well, it sounds as though your grades are good enough. Yes, you will most likely need A's to get into med school.

    Cambridge are asking AAA for medicine:


    In three of Maths, Bio, Chem, Phys, so your are taking the right subjects. Incidentally, I took those exact 4 subjects, through to A2. They are very fun, really interesting, but a lot of hard work. You could maybe quit one after AS if it was too much.

    Edinborough want AAAb. They only REQUIRE biology:


    Imperial college says it wants AAA if doing three subjects, AAAC if doing 4:


    Well, all that was from UCAS (.com), I am sure you can look your self as well.

    Apparently, oxford is first for medicine, edinborough second, then dundee, then cambridge:


    So, oxford would be the top one! Again, they will be looking for AAA. Oxbridge (oxford and cambridge) are the hardest uni's to get in, as I am sure your aware, so if applying there I would make sure you apply somewhere that will make you an lower offer as well, as a back up. Also bear in mind that you have to complete a seperate application for oxbridge, and your personal statement will have to be taloured towards those uni's. Give me a shout if you want some personal statement help - although mine is for VetMed, I have mine if it would be any use.

    You certainly do have to do the BMAT. I did it (I am a vet student, in London), it is hard, but it is meant to be hard. It is really a test to see how well you can think and cope under pressure, and to sort of see how well you are on the slightly 'non-acedemic' side of things. Its because most candidates get AAA, they need some other reason to accept them or not. You will do that in about the November of A2 year. You will have to applied for your uni's by October of that year, I believe. Then, the uni's will get your BMAT results, and use this in a decision as to whether to make you an offer or not. There is more info here:


    Well, hope that helps, email me any more q's


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    You would not be going to medical school to study medicine to become a doctor until you complete the pre-requisites in college, have your bachelors degree, and have taken the MCATs. What type of program are you interviewing for? If you can't answer that question, you need to think about what your honest answer would be! In reality, avoid things like "I want to help people", they would hear that a lot and it doesn't mean much. How do you want to help people, and would you really be doing that witht he job you want? Doctors are the ones finding out what is wrong with patients and deciding on how to fix the problems. If you are imagining holding someones hand and watching them get better, you could accomplish that as a nurse or an aide. A good answer will explain why you are drawn to that field over other ones, like being able to help people by figuring out how to diagnose what is wrong with them and taking the lead with their treatments. You will need to post more about what you are applying for and what you are inclined to say before we can help. You should not be flat out lying or using other peoples words, but you may get help polishing what you want to say.

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    Are you interested in Pharmacy mainly? If so, that's what I'll be doing too. You can go to a university to do 2 years of prerequisites, and either stay in the same school if it offers a pharmacy school, or transfer to a different one. Either way it's a 6 year program. After the 1st two years, and after you get excepted into pharm school, you'll do a 4 year program called Pharm D. And then you can go on to be a pharmacist in whichever setting you choose. If you're thinking more strictly doctor like terms, I'm not so into that area, but if you are interested in pharmacy, I hope I helped out a little! any other q?'s you can email me. Good luck! And keep up the good work!

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    If you are planing to do study medicine than simply process which you have to follow, just attain the 50% marks in medical (PCB and MCI guidelines) and if you take admission in India , than PMT is very important for you to get seat in limited seat offer. Furthermore, if you want to go study abroad in low cost fee without any entrance test and donation so join the Uzhhorod National University is the best university for you is situated in Ukraine.

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    I guess it depends on where you want to go to medical school.

    If you are staying in the UK, I have no idea how to get into medical school. Plus, I don't know what 6th Form is or "Match".

    In the US, you would get a bachelor's degree (4 years). Then take the MCAT (medical school entrance exam). Apply to medical school, interview, and then accept an offer (if lucky enough to get any). During undergraduate, you could major in anything you wanted; so long as you completed the minimum course requirements for medical school entrance.

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  • 5 years ago

    I studied Bsc(Hons) Biomedical Science as an international student and obtain a 2:1. can i study medicine as an international student, if so how much will i be paying?

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