Do all Chinese Singaporeans speak Mandarin? What percentage compare to Cantonese?

Please translate the following to Mandarin:

Goodbye =

I love you =

Fine, Okay =

Mother =

Brother =

Moon =

Good =

Thank you =


Good = Hao

(Please write in Romanize letters not in Chinese coz i cant read it, thanks)

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    All Chinese Singaporeans can speak Mandarin, save for the older generation who went through English-only education. They will speak English and Malay.

    The majority are Hokkiens, Cantonese is a far second dialect group so it is more rare to find people who can speak Cantonese here.

    Goodbye = zai4 jian4

    I love you =wo3 ai4 ni3

    Fine, Okay = hao3 ke2 yi3

    Mother =ma1 ma

    Brother = ge1 ge

    Moon = yue4 liang4

    Good = hao3

    Thank you = xie4 xie

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    Goodbye = zai jian

    I love you = wo ai ni

    Fine, Okay = wo heng hao (depends on ur context)

    Mother = ma ma

    Brother = ge ge (elder bother)/ di di(younger brother)

    Moon = yue liang

    Good = hao

    Thank you = xie xie

    Most Chinese Singaporean can speak Mandarin, though older generations will then to speak in dialect. And what dialect they speak depends on the person's dialect group.

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    Goodbye = 再见

    I love you = 我爱你

    Fine, Okay = 我很好 (i'm fine)

    Mother = 妈妈

    Brother = 哥哥/弟弟 big brother/little brother

    Moon = 月亮

    Good = 好

    Thank you = 谢谢

    Majority of the people in Singapore knows how to speak mandarin.

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    Majority do speak mandarin, not necessarily cantonese.

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