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Balcony rooms on a cruise ship.... is it high like a cliff? I'm scared of heights...?

We have a room on the 10th deck of Royal Carribean Monarch of the Seas. It's the 10th deck of 11 decks total.

It's a room wih a balcony. If I go out on the balcony is it like straight down to the ocean water or is there something else down there to catch you...

What about other railings on the ship.

Is it straight down?

I get anxiety attacks at cliffs and heights so am wondering how it's going to be.

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    There would be the main deck below which is large but if your afraid of heights and get anxiety attacks then enjoy it during the day, it looks a lot scarier when it's dark but just sit on the balcony, you don't have to look over it as you will be up high.

    Don't let it scare you, go enjoy your cruise and have a good time. Vacations are made for conquering your fears!!!

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    Your fears are going to be put to rest on the Monarch of the Seas. She is an older RCL Ship, so she is not actually that large in comparison to some of their other ships. While she sits at Pier 93A in San Pedro she might look rather overpowering. She is a great vessel, doing the 3 and 4 day cruises to Ensenada.

    I think that your fear of height will be overcome by the vantage point that the balcony will offer you. It is like an outside addition to your stateroom. There is a railing there and you can always sit in a chair versus standing at the railing.

    You will be so busy and having so much fun on the ship that you won't even pay attention to that old fear of height. I have had the same fear for many years but please don't tell anyone! There is so much going on that your mind will be occupied with activities.

    If you arrive on board and you find that the view is giving you anxiety, then stay off the balcony. Very simple. Then try it when the ship is at sea. You might find it is easier then as well.

    Having done many balcony and veranda rooms in my day, over 100 cruises, I can tell you that it is the only way to cruise. Nothing like it. To have this private spot to sit and be one with the ocean is fantastic. It is also a wonderful spot to have your coffee and breakfast one morning! Then you will be glad you got a balcony stateroom. Or how about on a moonlight night with your other half, now that is romance at it's best!

    You are going to love cruising I can tell. Relax and put your fears to rest. You are not alone in a fear of height put you will be surprised as to how wonderful the balcony is.

    Bon Voyage and have a wonderful time! I will be waiving at you from Ports of Call! You made a wonderful choice and you will want a balcony stateroom when you cruise again!

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    Your cabin sounds wonderful. The balcony is great. If you do look over the railing, it is straight down to the ocean. It is possible that someone could jump over it but not fall over by accident. The railing is about 4 feet high and there is clear plexiglass from the floor of the balcony to the railing so you cannot slip underneath the railing. Your chairs are away from the railing so you can sit on the balcony while having morning coffee or evening drinks.

    The railings all over the ship are the same height and all have the plexiglass safety shields from the deck to the top of the railing. You cannot fall over accidently.

    The reports of a few people falling overboard are hard to believe. They obviously were drunk out of their mind and jumped.

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    The Monarch of the Seas may be one of Royal Caribbean's older and smaller ships, but the tenth deck is going to be between 90 and 110 feet above the water. Also, the Monarch has twelve decks. I have not been on this class of ship, so I cannot say what you will see when you look straight down. You might see the water or you might see a lifeboat. The railing is high enough that you cannot just fall over (you would have to climb up in order to be able to fall over). Hopefully the link to the photo of the Monarch docked in San Diego will be helpful ...

    And here is a link to the deck plan for the Monarch ...

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    I recently cruised on Carnival and the deck I was on was th e lowest you could get with a balcony. Most of the time, it isn't just water below you, there is open deck and lifeboats if you are that high up. Just remember not to look down and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean by looking out towards the horizon.

    Hope this helps!

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    I am a little scared of heights but when I was on my cruise it never crossed my mind. There is lots of railings mainly your more focused on what is in the distance rather than looking down me and my husband were always looking for dolphins. It will be fine I promise there will be so much going on you will spend your first day touring the large ship you wont think about it and after that you will already be used to it. Also try focusing on the fun things you plan on doing or start planning to take your mind off your other worrys.. Just as an fyi get and ear patch from your doctor for sea sickness I never had a problem with it before but I had it really bad on my last cruise. The first cruise I had the patch and the next I thought it would be fine. I thought this helps and enjoy your trip.

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    My wife has the same fear of heights...she can't even go to the window on the 2nd story of our house without feeling faint.

    But I noticed she did not have the same problem on the cruise ship while it was in the open ocean. I made it a point to take a picture and video of her on the rail during the cruise...she especially loved the sunsets which were late around 9 PM or so in the Mediterranean.

    We just got back from our first cruise ever, and whether we were on Deck 4, 6, ofr 9, my wife had no problems watching the ocean, waves, shoreline, and sunsets.

    Relax and enjoy your cruise. Good Luck.

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    Monarch is one of the smaller Royal Caribbean ships. The 10th deck is not big deal. There is a railing on the balcony - and it is next to impossible to fall overboard, unless you are really doing something like climbing on the railing or something. Balcony cabins are great - enjoy!!

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    You will have some railings and stuff and some other decks under you, but I would try to avoid it because it is somewhat straight down. On the top decks like the pool, you know that you are quite high off the ground, and is pretty much straight down, so I would definitely be careful. Other railings are about waist high so you shouldn't be concerned about falling overboard.

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    usually, the balcony is not that large depending on the suite. u could try book and room that is only a few decks above the water, Or, just book a ocean view room, which is still a great view, you just dont have to stand on a balcony

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