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I ran out of answers and Im bored answer this please?

Ok, first question is for girls or guys who are like me. Ok, so I'm really athletic and I'm pretty into my sports and I've gotten in really good shape, but my brother always laughs at me because I dont have a six pack. I have a five pack. You see, during a rugby game last year somehow when i was on the ground I was cleated on my stomach, I guess badly. there was a scar there for a while but I always jsut thought that it punctured a blood vein or something because it looked that way, but I've only broken a vein on my arms before that. Anyway, the scar started going away a while ago, and now I fell kinda awkward just because it's different. Girls, is this too wierd, or is it good just to know that a guy is in good shape? I am ok with it all the girls I know who have noticed say it's fine, but not many have seen me that much with my shirt off, I was wondering what people I dont know thought.

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    Its fine, i have a 5 pack also and a lot if not everyone at my school has seen me with my shirt off. And sometimes my teammates and my brothers joke with me about it but it doesn't bother me. The way i look at it is 5 out of 6 is not that bad. It gets you noticed by most females too. Just don't be over self-conscious about it.

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    hi you,

    i wont be worried too much if i were you, if you think you're gud, why let someone ruin your confidence? as if for me, i have pimples problem, only a few in my cheek and everytime a friend noticed about my pimples i would go "yeah, i know and i dont care". And that was it.

    I'd say to hell with what other ppl think of you even if you really not good, just dont let their opinions bring you down coz nobody's perfect after all. We're all basically just the same person everywhere in the world, it's just that every person is trapped in different body-shape. There're fatsos, skinny, sexy, etc that formed you into someone snob, low profile, too much confidence, and all

    am not really good in english but hopefully you do understand the point am trying to tell ya.

    chin up!


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    Thats fine. Who cares how many packs u have?

    i mean, good shape is good shape. u dont have to be perfect

    i will not go on forever

    but its fine

    and i have seen guys with their shirts off

    that prolly look a lot weirder than u =]

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    Scars make people unique and they actually look awesome. Although i'm a lesbian, I think straight girls would find it hot. You're athletic, rugby is a kick-*** sport, it gives you character. Keep your chin up tiger!

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    speilburg is right. u should definately have that checked out by a doc though.

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    scars are shows a guy isn't afraid to get down and dirty (;

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    Don't worry. You'll get more attention because of that.

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