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Does anybody think Nancy Benoit could of killed Chris Benoit's son?

It has been reported that Nancy was under a lot of stress from having to care for their handicap child. Chris Benoit flew home for a family emergency. What if he arrived home to find that his wife had killed their son. He could of snapped and then killed his wife.

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    There is one thing forsure we wasnt there for one but I find it odd that it ws posted before it happened and after that being said makes me kinda wonder if it wasn't done by someone else period and I wouldnt put it past them to have staged this they all have enough money to do such hell look how much attention the are getting this would boost the rateings SKYHIGH bu I truely hope they wouldnt pull such a scam and for one he will always be one hell of a wrestler in my book no matter what the media says, There is a few things that isn't adding up in my book and asfar are the steroids ya we all know they are bad for you and they can lead to Rages but killing your family humm i duno just seems odd and on that note i am done rambleing.. R.I.P. Beniot and Family

  • I think the most intriguing fact is the wikipedia entry 14 hours before police found the family. This will open many more questions and could lead to a whole host of more theories. I am already concerned this story is not as simple as it looks. I am also unpleased by many people reactions i.e. WWE pulling all associations with Chris Benoit from their Website and their show. I'm disappointed at how apparently Vince McMahon defended Benoit against the news stipulations about steroidal rage and then turned his back immediately when it was announced that he "was the murderer." even before the investigations has been closed. Vince McMahon is obviously less concerned for the wrestler and more concerned about saving his own companies image. This is why I don't watch Wrestling anymore. I was a big fan of Benoit. I'm disappointed this business has turned it's back on an obviously sad, troubled person. Most of the things I've said have been from the news and wikipedia. please comment

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    PEOPLE PLEEEEEEEEEEZE! This is crazy! If she did she had to have done it UnderTAKER style......she died, and came back, and then killed the son...........okay. Blame the wife, the very person who has been taking care of the son all alone, all along. Way to go buddy. Read the transcripts closer next time. Here's the problem with reality TV, wrestling, and freedom of expression---you, and I do mean YOU(the person asking the question) are so clouded in your thoughts that you can't reason in an intelligent manner and you obviously can't distinguish FACT v. your opinion. The authorities gave you the FACTS. BASED on their Facts she could not have possibly killed the son. Not my opinion, but THE FACTS. You are right about one thing, though. He (chris benoit) did snap. He is a killer and a coward.

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    I just read some stories on how the son had a dissability and also read that Nancy's body was turning more so then the sons so that would mean she died sometime before the son, possibly a few days or so before.

    Maybe Chris thought that since the mom and himself wouldn't be around for the son, no one would be able to help the son with the dissability? I don't know.

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    It is fairly obvious that he was abusing steroids, since his doctor prescribed a 10 months supply of steroids to him every 3-4 WEEKS, from May 2006-May 2007 and he was on a list of users the DEA had obtained in an investigation. Even though the toxicology reports haven't come back, it's looking more and more like he went into a rage and killed his wife and son and then killed himself from guilt.

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    Correction to the opening post: He didn't fly home from anywhere because he never left.

    He asked someone at WWE to book him on another flight to go to the PPV after cancelling out on the Saturday nite house show because of the "family emergency"

    Also, as has been stated countless times before, the medical examiner determined that Nancy was the first to die.

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    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Nancy was a wonderful person and a loving mom...she would NEVER had hurt Daniel for anything, she lived for her children and she would, and probably did, die for them. Her husband is who killed both their wonderful little boy and Nancy for whatever reason.

    Don't be blind, just because you enjoyed watching the bast**d wrestle, don't think that he didn't do this. He did and I hope he pays for it somehow.

    Source(s): I am my source, I knew Nancy personnally for over 20 years
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    I thought this too, but everyone is reporting that Nancy died BEFORE the son.

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    One thing: his son was killed AFTER his wife, by several hours, according to the autopsy results!

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    No because Nancy died 1st!!

    Source(s): Hardyz ROCK!!!
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