which colleges can i expect to be admitted to w/my sat & act scores and which scores should i submit?

i'm going to be a senior next year & i have some burning questions.

i got a 2030 on the sat--620 math, 690 reading, 720 writing

sat subject tests--520 math level 2, 760 us history, 690 literature, 630 world history


i have about a 4.3 gpa so far & i'm taking 3 ap classes next year. i volunteer at my church almost every weekend for 2 hours.

i really want to go to stanford, uc berkeley, or ucla.

do i have any chance of getting into stanford or am i just not smart enough? do i have a pretty good chance with the ucs?

should i retake the sat? if so, do i have a good chance of improving my score?

will colleges i apply to see all my sat subject scores? if so, should i retake math level 2 & try to improve that horrible score? was it a mistake to take that since math isn't my strong suit?

should i submit my act score to colleges or will that 30 hurt me more than it helps me?

should i be doing more community service?

thanks :D

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    wow that was a lot of questions. alright let's take this one at a time.

    first, your SAT scores are below average for all three of the schools you're looking at - especially stanford. so right off the bat you're in a hole. then you look at ur SAT II scores. the 760 is good and the 690 is acceptable. unfortunately, if you send your SATI, colleges automatically see all of your SATII's. the 630 and the 520 aren't going to look good for stanford. i suggest either retaking the SATI or sending in your ACT score. 30 isn't bad. it makes you a little more competitive.

    your gpa and courseload look fine. nothing that's gonna make you a shoe-in though.

    2hours a week? yeah maybe wanna find a few more extracurriculars.

    i'd say all 3 are reaches, stanford being the biggest.

    you have about a 50/50 chacnce of improving your score if you retake it. i don't advice it. just send the ACT and a couple SATII's that look good.

    it wasn't a mistake to take math. most colleges that require SATII's require MathII. stanford "recommends it" and berkley and ucla "require it".

    hope that helped

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    You definetly have the academic credentials for those colleges, however they also put a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities, leadership and volunteering. So volunteer more, I recommened at least 6 hours per week, and try to get elected for some leadership role at your school or organize a community service project to demonstrate your leadership. Another stradegy is when you're applying to those schools, put a rare potential major on your application that very few people at that school pick and then you can change it later. One girl from my school got into MIT last year not necessarily bc of her grades and test scores, but because she used this rare major strategy and picked psychology, and of course that made her stand out from other MIT applicants since most of them picked a science or a math related major. So basically, volunteer more, show you have leadership potential, and work the system. Letters of recommendation and essays also play a very important factor in the admission process to top schools.

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